Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hello, friends!  Welcome to the new year!  :-)

And what a year that I hope it will be, because later this year, if all goes according to plan...

...then I should finally have the very first issue of my long-awaited comic!

Details will definitely be coming as things flesh out, but please do send me your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, well-wishes, or whatever it is that you do to help someone with potentially exciting news to get energized into making that news truly happen! 

I so look forward to telling you that the comic is now available.  In fact, I'm bursting at the seams dying to tell you all that happy news.  For now though, what I can do is say...

...stay tuned, my friends.  The best is yet to come. :-D

Happy New Year to you all!  Let's make 2014 the best one yet! 

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