Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming soon! Beta testing for the new TMA expansion!

Just to update you all on the comic:  Currently, the boss is working with the artists for the art of my very first comic book!  WHOOHOO!!!

We will know more details of the progress on the art next month, and I will keep you all updated as I have news to report.  But still - just to say that "art for my comic book is in the process of being made" is awesome enough!  :-D

However, it occurred to both of us that once the book hits, then we should have something online that new readers can go to once they're done reading the book.  Don't get me wrong - I'm proud of my little corner of the Internet that I've created these past few years, but we need something more than just a blogspot site.  No my little nerdlings, we need something more - something to draw more interest to the world of The Mighty Andromeda!  Oh, by the way, I'll be using TMA as shorthand for The Mighty Andromeda more and more both here and on my FB account, so get used to it.  :-)

Alright, so anyway - we decided to do some brainstorming as to what we can do, and I decided to help bring that process about by making reference to my love for all things World of Warcraft, so with that, I introduce to you the beta test phase for:

BSC 3.0: World of The Mighty Andromeda (WoTMA)!

So what's in the works for BSC 3.0: WoTMA beta test phase?

* Audio reviews!

Yes, my friends!  We are looking into doing my reviews as podcasts!

* Talking comics!

Once TMA#1 hits, who knows how long it will be before TMA#2 hits?  This is all new to us, you know, so we're still working out how to get stuff done to put out a comic!  So with that, we are looking into doing short videos of comic art plus audio as a way to tell back stories and to fill in some of the goings-on between issues.  This might also be how we do crossovers with our buds over at Creators United.  We love those guys.  :-)

* A TMA website!

For all things Andromeda!  It will have the blog, of course, along with links to archives of my podcasts and video comics (if they're made), and other features that we are still considering.

* A TMA Facebook fan page!

That will probably happen first.  We are still working on what we want to do with a TMA fan page.

*And last, the beta key to the BSC 3.0: WoTMA expansion (Also known as "a pdf file of the rough draft for the entire first issue of TMA")!

Yes, we are in the process of deciding which lucky people will be getting this precious beta key to get a sneak peek into the first issue!  These are rough draft sketches done by the boss himself, so you won't be seeing just words, but rough draft of the art as well!  How cool is that?  We are still determining the criteria of who gets this beta key (also known as a pdf).

There are other things under consideration, but those might come later, in a future "patch" or even the next "expansion", so we're tabling those ideas for now.  We might be needing the help of some of you in getting this all set up, so if I come knocking on your FB mailbox, it's probably because I'm seeking you out for help or information on some of the stuff above. 

As we start putting together some of these ideas, I'll be posting them here to get feedback from you all.  Just consider this my version of WoW's "public test realms" (aka PTR)  :-)

Thanks for being one of my readers these past few years!  If all goes well my friends, then the best is yet to come! 


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