Monday, March 3, 2014

Coming Wednesday: My annual Lenten AFK for 40 Days sabbatical

Well hey - look!  Only my third blog post of the year!  And it's only to inform you that I'll be AFK for 40 Days starting on Wednesday!  :-/

Yes, I've been a bit skimpy on blog posts so far this year, and because I'm about to be gone for over a month, that means that by the time I get back, it will have been a good 1/3 of the year with very few posts!  :-O

But if you've kept up with me on Facebook, then you know why I've been light on the posts here.  It's because the boss and I have been hard at work trying to put out the very first issue of The Mighty Andromeda! 


Those of you who are regular readers to my blog and on FB know how long we've been at this trying to get the book out, so we're very excited that things have finally started rolling.  In the past couple of years when I did my Lenten AFK for 40 Days sabbatical, it was a good time to take them anyway, because I needed the break to recharge my batteries. However, this time around, we are finally in the process of putting out a comic, so I had to decide if I should step away as I had usually done, or if I should stick around this time. 

After hearing from others, I decided to continue the practice of going AFK for 40 Days, because I think it sends an important message on priorities.  That is, as excited as I am about the book and progress finally being made on it, my custom of taking time off for Lent sends a message that there are more important things in life than putting out a comic book.  Don't misundertand - it's not at all easy to step away at such an exciting time, but either my spiritual life means something to me, or it doesn't.  And friends, my spiritual life matters that much to me. 

However, this time around there will be a TMA FB group for you to keep up on all things related to The Mighty One, so look it up, and join up, because the boss himself will be keeping everyone posted on the progress that's going on with the book while I'm away. 

Good times are ahead, friends.  I can't wait to tell you that TMA #1 is out and ready to purchase.  Please pray that that happy day comes as quickly as possible!  :-D

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