Tuesday, March 4, 2014

AFK for 40 Days begins today!

This is it, friends! 

My annual Lenten tradition, "AFK for 40 Days" begins today!  After midnight tonight, I will be taking my sabbatical to take some time off and recharge my batteries.  I will be thinking about you all, and I will be praying for you. 

I also hope that you will be keeping up with the progress of The Mighty One's book by going to the FB group called "The Mighty Andromeda".  There, the boss will keep you up to date on the latest goings-on of everyone's favorite busty superhero nerd!  I so look forward to tell you the happy news that my book is ready to purchase.  When I get back, we will be that much closer to that happy day.  I just can't wait!  :-D

It won't be easy to step away, but trust me, the time will fly before you know it.  Time has flown so far this year, hasn't it?  LOL 

So be good, my little nerdlings!  Take care, and see you after Easter Sunday, which will be April  20th this year. 

Goodbye.  :-)

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