Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Andi's back, yes she is! News and notes

Aaaaaaand….. I am back!

Hi, everyone! Well, it’s been a very restful sabbatical, but now I’m ready to hit the ground running and get back into the thick of things! I’m going to just rattle off a list of things in no particular order, just to get my creative juices flowing again. So here goes!

The Comic

Is making progress! We are nearly three chapters (of four) into completion, with only the last chapter to go! If all goes well, then we should be looking at mid-summer for when the book is ready (after a hopefully successful Kickstarter campaign, of course!). Yes, I know that this has taken longer than expected, but this is the first go-round for the boss in making a comic, so he had to learn everything from scratch. The good news is that, once he’s gotten one book out of the way, then he’ll have the benefit of experience for when it comes to future issues, which should speed things up a bit. I know that he’s gotten the script for the second issue near completion, so he’s already gotten a head start on that, and he’s also gotten one artist lined up to do one of the chapters for the second book.

From discussions we’ve had, I know that he’s gotten the storylines set up for the books after that, building up to the completion of the first story arc at around issue 5 or 6, after which, if we’re still fortunate to be up and publishing, he should be ready for the big announcement! I can’t reveal that right now, because other things need to happen first, but know that if all goes well, I shall be letting you all know what that big news is when the time comes. Just consider this my little blurb to encourage you all to help us out by buying the book when it's available, so that we can get to that end of the first story arc, and I’ll do my best to help prod the boss into making a quality product worth your hard-earned money! As for me, I am just bouncing around in excitement as the book gets closer and closer to reality! Dare to chase your dreams, my friends!

Andi the Blogger webcomic

During my sabbatical, I had discussions with the boss about what we could do to fill the time in between issues of The Mighty One, and the one idea that seemed to appeal to both of us is a semi-regular comic feature here on my blog called “Andi the Blogger (ATB)”, which will be a cartoony version of TMO (so as to be distinct from TMO as she will be represented in the book). What ATB will consist of is “illustrated” blog posts; that is, my usual blog posts written by me, and as illustrated by the boss.  This will also be a way to show my blog some love.  I've really cut back on my blogging in recent years, and I'd like to get back to it, because it was here that it all began. 

For a blog post to be made into an ATB comic, it will need to written in such a way as to inspire an illustration to go with it. We’re still working out the criteria for that, but basically, something about the blog post under consideration to be illustrated will need to justify the extra work for the boss to illustrate it.  In other words, the blog post would need to make its point better as a comic strip than if I had just written it as the usual written blog post. More details to come on that, but I like the idea a lot, and I hope you will, too.  One idea for a ATB comic page is Andi meeting and introducing various new comics by independent comic creators, but first things first - we are going to try the webcomic first, before we decide to have something like guest appearances and guest strips (especially for when I take my annual Lenten sabbaticals). 

Moar awesum pin-upz!

Also while I was away, the boss was hard at work getting more pin-ups of everyone’s favorite busty superhero comic nerd! Friends, I KNOW that you will love them! Gah! I can’t wait for you to see them! One of them will be made into a t-shirt that you will want to wear to show off to all your nerdy little friends. That t-shirt is planned to be part of an online fundraiser to help the boss learn what’s involved in running an online fundraiser, so as to help him with getting the Kickstarter set up later. I think the art for the t-shirt will be worth the price for buying the shirt, and once you see the art, I truly believe that you’ll agree. And of course, there’s other awesome pin-up artwork to show, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself by blurting out something that needs my usual build-ups as I introduce them. Patience, friends – it WILL be worth the wait!

Book reviews

I haven’t done a book review in quite some time, so it’s time for me to get back to that. First up will be Stuart Black’s 4Horsefemmes, followed afterwards by Scott Markley’s Unconscious (called “Uncy” for short). While I was away, the boss handed me a pile of their books to go through – like I needed a lot of persuasion to read comics! I won’t give away my opinions of the book yet, other than to say that I enjoyed reading them all. Plus, I always enjoy doing my part to help the independent comic creator cause.

Yes, I'm still a right-wing nutjob

The political season for the 2016 presidential election is officially under way, with two candidates having announced.  As has been the case for nearly the entire time that I've had a blog, I will be making the occasional post on topics and news stories of the day.  It's just how I roll, Sunshine, as most of you know.  :-)

I will say, though, that I think Hillary Clinton should just retire.  In fact, I think all baby boomer politicians should just step down and stop pretending that it's still the 1960s.  The 60s were fifty years ago!  That's half a century!  The world has changed since their happy hippie heydays!  Go home - you're drunk!  Getting back to Hillary, seriously man - her lies suck so bad it's not even funny.  THIS is what the Dems want as their candidate?  There's truly no one better?  Honestly?  The very idea of a Hillary presidency horrifies me to no end.  All the more reason that the GOP needs to pick a quality candidate, and not the usual "Democrat-Lite" that we've been getting ever since I came of age to vote.  Damn, I want a candidate to vote for that's a better reason than "better than having a Democrat in office!"  I'm really tired of "hold your nose" voting.  Please GOP, give me something to look forward to! 

More to come, folks.

Superheroes and Comics on TV

My current favorite superhero on TV is The Flash!  I just love it!  I haven't really kept up with the others, like Arrow, or iZombie.  Those really haven't excited me like The Flash.  I kept up loyally with The Walking Dead for a time, but I stopped watching it sometime this season.  I'm not sure what caused me to lose interest - I suppose it's because there's only so much watching of the shooting up of walking corpses that I could take.  I mean, how many ways can they show the destroying of zombies before it gets repetitive?  I think the zombie fad has kinda died off for me.  I'll discuss The Flash some more at another time.

And that's it for now, friends.  I will do my best to be more diligent about posting to my blog on a regular basis - in fact, that's what we hope ATB will encourage me to do - to post more regularly.  In the meantime, see you all on Facebook! 

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Axel said...

Agreed. I know that Wall Street can afford to buy better candidates than the ones currently running under the GOP's banner :)