Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Back in your teen years, you drooled over Slave Leia!  Yeah, you know you did! 

Now is your chance to relive those long-ago teen days with this commission contest to combine your teen idol with The Mighty One herself in:


Yes, my little nerdlings, in honor of the upcoming Star Wars movie, we are hosting a contest to find the best artwork for a chance to appear in the second issue of The Mighty Andromeda - and get paid a commission, to boot!  Of course, there are rules for this contest, and here they are!


* This is going to be a mash-up of Carrie Fisher's Slave Leia and The Mighty Andromeda.  Just to note, Carrie Fisher is short, like 5 foot 1, while TMO is 6 foot 1, so make sure that you reflect that height difference!  Also remember that TMO has very long brown hair, and blue eyes, and her curves are more abundant that Carrie Fisher's, so make sure that your art reflects that this is TMO wearing the gold bikini that made the world lose its shit!

* The finished art will need to be in a format to fit on a standard comic page, either vertically or horizontally (aka, "portrait" or "landscape").

* Along with a chance for the winning entry to appear in the pages of TMA#2, the winner will also be paid a commission of $50 USD!  WHOOHOO!!!  Free Market Capitalism works again!  :-D

* If you choose to participate, then note that what you'll be sending us at first is ROUGH DRAFT ART!  That is, DON'T send finished art yet!  Your entry will need to be in pencils, and completed enough so that we can see what scene you're trying to play out in your art.  IF you want to add some color in order to give a better idea of how the finished work might look, it's up to you, but just like the pencils, keep it loose and don't spend a lot of time on it - but again, color is NOT necessary at this stage.  We just need enough to see where your idea is going. 

* You can also send more than one entry if you wish, but just make sure they're rough drafts. 

* You will need a PayPal account in order to get paid if you win, because we ain't sending a check by mail, and we certainly ain't sending cash! 

* The winning entry, once submitted to us, will belong to the boss, John P. Araujo, - FOR. EV. VER.  That is, it becomes the property of the boss, for him to use in whatever format he desires, wherever he may desire to use it, FOR. EV. VER.  Just be aware of that, okay?

* As stated above, the winning entry has a chance to appear in TMA#2, but we don't want just any ol' artwork, we want something FABULOUS!!  So make sure you do your dang-di-doodliest best to make it spectacular! 

* As for the content of the artwork, that's up to you.  Of course, it needs to have Andromeda wearing the Slave Leia costume, but you decide whether TMO is in a scene from Return of the Jedi, or if she is at a Star Wars convention, or a comicon, or some other environment that would make sense for such a set-up.  You COULD do just a simple, straight pin-up, but while we would still pay the winning entry the $50 commission, a basic pin-up is not what we'd like to run in TMA#2, so keep that in mind. 

* Send your rough drafts to this email address: tcucomicsnerd@yahoo.com, and in the subject line, put: SLAVE LEIA ANDROMEDA CONTEST


And them's the rules! 
The contest starts - hey, TODAY! - and your rough draft entries will need to be sent to us no later than one month from now, October 15, 2015. 

If your entry is selected, then you will have until December 15th to complete your entry, so that we have time to announce the winner on the date of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18th.  We will do our best to decide a winner as quickly as possible to give the winning artist time to complete the work. 

One last note: The artist will get paid once the winning entry is in our greedy little hands.  Remember that you will need a PayPal account to get paid. 

Thanks, my friends, and best of luck to you all! 

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