Monday, December 28, 2015


(Note: This post originally appeared in my FB account. I'm posting it here for future reference)

First, read the story, and read the comic, so that you and I can both say we read it. Let's get that part out of the way first. I'll wait. :-)

I hope by now that you've read both, and haven't skipped them and instead continued on to this sentence. If any of you respond, then I'm going to ask if you read the story and comic, and if you haven't then I'm just going to ignore you until you do.

Now, let's assume that you've read both. And now, know that I understand *and support* the benefit of vaccines, so don't get the wrong idea when I bring up a certain question that I'm about to get to. Most of the time, when people ask about new vaccines or medicines, there will be others who have what I call a "science-ism" mentality - that is, they believe that science trumps all, even debates about science, so they'll simply shout "Science!" and that is supposed to close any debate or discussion on a given scientific issue. 

However, as the cartoon itself demonstrates, it's rather easy for bad people to cloak themselves in "Science!" clothing, and cause all kinds of problems because trying to debate people who shout "Science!" is met with looks of disgust and claims of clinging to backwards superstitions and old wives' tales. Then it takes a real long time for the real science to catch up to the "Science!" and refute it, and by then, millions have been spent (and usually of taxpayer money!) and much harm has been caused, all because some doofus shouted "Science!" and no debate was allowed.

So my question is this: With so much misinformation and bad "science" out there, how is the regular layman supposed to know what to do? I'm not particularly fond of the cartoon, despite its attempt to clarify much misinformation (which it did accomplish, I will add), but it came across as condescending at times, and I don't like "scientific facts" being presented along with condescending humor, because it only adds to the "Science!" atmosphere that already causes too many problems in our society. When "science" is presented along with condescension, then that screams to me "Science!" rather than science as it should be presented. Call me suspicious, but that's how I roll, as many of you should know about me by now.

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