Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

If you're here because you read my FB post about posting to my blog while I am AFK for 40 Days from FB, then hello!  ^.^

Unlike in recent years, in which I went AFK from both FB and my blog for Lent, this time around I will be posting to my blog during Lent, because I haven't shown my poor blog much love in quite awhile, and it's not really "stepping away" if I'm not here on my blog anyway. 

So in the coming 40 days, I'll try to catch up on many topics that I didn't cover on FB, and at the same time, I'll reinvigorate those writing muscles that I used to cut my writing teeth during my pre-FB days. 

Stay tuned, my friends!  More to come!  :-D

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