Friday, November 7, 2008

My favorite comics titles right now

Well, lookyhere! It's already Friday! I'm going to try to make Fridays Comics Talk Day.

Here is a list of my favorite comics titles as of this moment:

Marvel Comics:
* Hulk
* She Hulk
* The Amazing Spider Girl

* The Incredible Hercules
* Guardians of the Galaxy, which is not quite a favorite title yet, but it's getting there.

DC Comics:
* Green Lantern
* Green Lantern Corps
* Justice League of America
* Justice Society of America
* Superman/Batman

I like the above titles not so much because of the artwork, but because of the stories and the characters. However, my current favorite artist (and I'd LOVE her to do artwork of me one day!) is Amanda Conner, who is mainly known for drawing Power Girl. I just love her wonderfully expressive facial expressions!

An example of her work is below, and it's an image she did of Black Canary and Wonder Woman.

Wondie wears my bra size! LOL

By the way, folks - I'm closing in on 100 posts! I'll see if I can come up with something special to celebrate the occassion!


Freelancer said...

YAY the big 1-0-0.


Oh, just so you know that pic from your favorite artist has been taken off the website you linked to.

Enjoy the weekend.

Freelancer said...

A while back you mentioned that this blog was a trail run - a means to get your feet wet as you will. Before your break in October, you said that are willing to listen to ideas to revamp the blog as well as the upcoming web comic series.

I propose that you set up a suggestion column. During the week you will check your e-mail and pull out any suggestions that you find interesting and talk about it.

With your new blog schedule, you could have "Suggestion Day" on random days of the week; or you could have them once every two weeks. The choice is yours.

Take care


Busty Superhero Chick said...


That pic didn't stay up long! You'd think they'd enjoy the free publicity! As for having a given topic on a certain time of the month, that's exactly what I plan to do. I'm just working out the schedule rotation. Maybe by December I'll have some sort of schedule lined up.

Freelancer said...

I have the solution. Goto the "Comic Book DB" website (DB for database) and you will find a bio for Amanda Conner as well as other artists. The site list all the work she has done. I also have for you a link to cover art of Wonder Woman from a 1996 issue.

Wonder Woman Gallery (1996)

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Thanks for the comic book db, Freelance. Lots of cool stuff in there! Just not the pic that had originally appeared on my blog.

But folks, if you do an "Image" search on Google for "amanda conner" (include the quotation marks), you'll get a listing of thumbnail shots and see an image of Black Canary and Wonder Woman holding up their bras, and that Wondy's bra is much bigger. If you don't see it on the first page of "hits", check the second or third page. You shouldn't have to dig far to find it. Unfortunately, the most you'll likely to see is just the thumbnail. I can't seem to get a bigger image to pop up. I checked out Amanda Conner's website, but it looks like she hasn't updated it in a long while. If any of you do manage to get a bigger image of that picture, do let me know. Thanks!

Freelancer said...

Hmmm.. odd .. I can't seem to find it.


No worries. I take your word for it! I have seen several JPEG images and get an idea of Amanda's drawing style. I also see that Amanda has worked on Power Girl.

Level 13 in WoW huh? Are there power ups in PvE that you could use to level up faster? Please understand that I haven't played World of Warcraft yet. I have played the old school version in the late 90s at friend's house back in High School.

I'm guessing there a ton of advanced features that are included in WoW in comparison to its original.