Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short week this week! And other characters from my stories

Hey, gang! Did you like Friday's special post? That's officially the longest entry that I've posted here! Man, were my fingers tired! LOL

Anyway, one blog announcement: I will be posting only today and Wednesday this week, because I will be celebrating Turkey Day like most of the U.S.! "What about Friday"?, you ask? International Shopping Day of course! LOL

And then I will return here a week from today tanned, breasted, and ready! ;-) hehe!

So you got the names of two other characters this past Friday: Dr. Will Von Bach and my cohort, Lucky Shot. Here's a short list of other characters:

DSS staff:
Dr. Maya M. Maldonado:
DSS staff superhuman psychologist. That is, she is an expert in the field of superhuman psychology. She's not herself superhuman, but she is a former child prodigy, so she has some understanding of having and dealing with a special ability.

Fr. Paul Neumann (Catholic): DSS chaplain to the superhumans being detained in the DSS, as well as their advocate. A brilliant man himself, and like Dr. Maldonado, also a former child prodigy. In fact, Dr. Maldonado and Fr. Paul knew each other in childhood. They were called the wonder twins by the press back in the day. Dr. Maldonado lobbied to get Fr. Neumann onto the DSS staff despite Dr. Von Bach's objections.

Megan O'Donnell: electronics engineer who makes the super cool gizmos and gadgets that me and Lucky use in our super battles. She's also Dr. Maldonado's cousin.

Alloy: An Enhanced Human who has the ability to combine two objects that are not normally combinable to create something that has the properties of both the combined objects. For instance, he can fuse a regular cotton t-shirt with a piece of steel to create a shirt that is soft as cotton but durable as steel. He is in the field of costume and fashion design for superhumans, and he charges outrageous prices for his goods.

Anomie: An unbalanced harlequined-themed villain who can coat herself with a reflective silvery armor that can extend its fingers into razor sharp claws.

Thunder: Super strength mercenary who aids in the sale and transfer of goods for the right price. He utilizes a "thunderclap" when battling. He's also a brilliant battle strategist, which is why he has avoided capture so far.

Iron Heidi: A super strong woman who is both a bully and a coward. She mainly serves as muscle for hire, but she will cut and run if she thinks the odds are starting to go against her.

Woman code-named "Seamrog" (Gaelic for "shamrock" and pronounced roughly as "shim-roog") who operates in a crime-fighting manner that is a combination of Batman and Spiderman. She's also been able to avoid capture. She wears an Irish-themed costume with a large shamrock on it.

That's all for now, kiddies! See you in two days!


Witty Indie said...

You do realize that your character is nothing but a puppet for the Department of Super Human Studies. The government will use Andromeda to suit its purpose and then dispose of her when her usefulness has run out. Also because the department has been researching super humans for nearly 60 years, the scientists will already have found a way to kill her. History always repeats itself. People fear what they don’t understand.

Freelancer said...

I KNEW IT! I knew your series would have a tech geek on staff at the DSS! I enrolled in Electronics Engineering Technology 10 years ago, failed the semester. It was an experience. You have to have the state of mind to work in that field.

Freelancer said...

Can I make a suggestion? I think it would be a good idea to have the finalized web comic in Adobe PDF format. That way any avid comic reader can download them and read them offline during his or her spare time.