Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a winner: Barack Obama

And just like that, the election is over. We will have our first black president ever in January when Barack Obama is sworn in. On the history part, I'm very excited. It's great to see that our country has now advanced to the point that it can elect a black candidate to the Oval Office. Only hardlined racists wouldn't be excited by all this.

As prolifer, though, I also dread what sorts of anti-prolife changes Obama will bring. He's already said that the first thing he'll do in office is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which will wipe away all the progress that prolifers have made since Roe vs. Wade. He'll also be in the position to appoint prochoice Supreme Court justices when some of the current ones retire. That will entrench the changes he'll make with FOCA. Let's just say that those who are already born or are about to be born are fortunate to have done so before he's sworn in.

So Barack Obama's election is a bittersweet experience for me. I hope he proves me wrong. I dread what will happen to the unborn otherwise.


Witty Indie said...

I understand Andromeda, that you being a pro-life believer that some of Obama's policies will rub you the wrong way.

But who knows - maybe his new mandate will bring out policies that are positive. Policies that will strengthen your country.

Those policies may in the long run balance everything out as well as your beliefs.

All in all, its too early to say what will happen in the United States of America.

All I do know is that Mr. Obama will have his work cut out for him. I say this for good reason, because the number issue that Barack's new administration will need to deal with is the failing economy.

There are also other issues that need to be corrected as well. Obama will be basically cleaning up Bush's mess.

Witty Indie said...

I know this is late, but I want to share with everyone the contents of an e-mail I wrote to CBC Television National News (called "The National") on the night of November 4th:

For the first time in America’s history, we are all experiencing the birth of a new nation, where all accepts of life will change forever. This momentous occasion will affect citizens from all walks of life across this Earth.

I personally look forward to the outcome either way. If Barack Obama wins the U.S. Presidential Election, the country will be transformed. If this transformation takes place, it will prove that no matter who you are, anybody can represent their country. This is change that the world has been waiting for the last eight years.

mkfreeberg said...

Yeah, I'm just here for the busty superhero chick stuff.

But this irrational worldwide jubilation over Obama's annointing as our Lord and Savior, is an extension of the abortion issue, and an unhealthy one. It comes from the failed European experiment against hostiles, dating from World War II, which says if someone behaves beligerantly toward you you simply demonstrate the opposite "civilised" behavior and they'll naturally calm down. All this hostility against George Bush doesn't have that much to do with invading Iraq, it has to do with the "cowboy mentality" of taking an active role in defending something. When people make a conscious decision not to do that, they become peevish and upset toward whoever does it.

This European experiment is inherently anti-life, just like abortion itself. It is anti-superhero. And it is notoriously unready to compromise, even in the slightest, with anything else. All those who bow down and kiss the hands of those who beat them, want everyone else to do the same -- no exceptions. And there's no limit to the frothy rage they feel toward whoever doesn't comply.

Overseas, that's what Obama's coronation is all about. Domestically, it's all about heralding a new era of "hope and change" -- just because of the color of His skin. Which is inherently racist, just as much as the same reaction would be if His skin was white.

So no, the policies will not strengthen the country. The policies are inherently pro-symbol and anti-substance. The New Messiah's only qualification to be President, is that He talks kind of like Walter Cronkite. The entire thing reeks of hypocrisy. Look at Europe patting us on the back -- for electing a black guy. This proves we're on our way to being good. How many black guys has Europe elected? Uh huh. This says nothing bad about them? Then how come America had something to prove in the decency department. She didn't. This is just a sales job, and a bad one. You'd never buy a car this way.

But anyway. Back to the subject of your blog. Agree with you on the pro-life position...and on Mary Marvel. DC needs to be careful shifting around these figures that were originally created in the Golden Age, and I'm afraid in her case, and in the case of Green Lantern, this is an example of mismanagement. Not as bad as putting Superman in that horrible lightning-blue costume, but in that general direction.

Really like your stuff. Gonna blogroll you tonight, or write myself a note to do it, anyway.