Monday, January 12, 2009

MySpace or Facebook?

Over the weekend, I discussed with the boss whether I should have a MySpace page or a Facebook page. Yes, I could do both, but I want to concentrate on one for now and do the other later. My question is, which should I go with first?

Facebook, while more user-friendly than MySpace, looks to be kinda limited. MySpace, in the meantime, seems to allow for a lot of graphics as well as music in the background, but it looks less orderly than Facebook, as well as being less user-friendly. The boss can help me with Facebook, but he's not familiar with MySpace.

So should we go with what he knows (Facebook) just so that I will have some sort of page up on a social site, or should he try learning MySpace? What do you folks think?


Dennis Sweatt said...

Facebook has a wider, user friendly appeal.
I have tons of Comic related "friends" on Facebook and I don't have to wait for the music to load.

The Freelancer said...

Hi. I'm back. I've been away for a week because I had stuff in real life to deal with.

Now your dilemma...

Personally, If I was you, I'd would go get yourself started with Facebook. Use the knowledge from your boss and friends such as myself.

While I have not used MySpace, and agree that you can use graphics and music to a greater degree, I find the layout is disorganized.

The white space on Facebook is a lot cleaner, and to be honest with you - I don't think having music is on your own page is all that important.

As a comic book buff, you will have an easier time with the interface than MySpace.

The Freelancer said...

Please let us know your decision with regards to which social network site you go with.