Friday, January 30, 2009

For the ladies on Facebook: How would you like to become a Busty Superhero Chick?

Yesterday on Facebook, thanks to one of my female readers, I got an inspiration to create a topic for my first photo album there: It will contain recruits to the ranks of Busty Superhero Chicks!

Here's the requirements for joining the Busty Superhero Chicks:

1.) Must be female. (sorry fellas. I'll see what I can come up with for you)
2.) Must have a superpower (make one up if you don't have one)
3.) Must have big boobs (you can - ahem - "pad up" if necessary; just look convincing in your pic!)
4.) Must have the urge to serve the common good and have an overwhelming desire to seriously kick the asses of supervillains.
5.) Must come up with a superhero name. If you want help coming up with a name, ask the rest of us and we'll bat around a few ideas.
6.) Must be on Facebook (because the photo album will be there), and one of my "friends".

If you pass the initial test, then you will join the ranks of Busty Superhero Chicks and be given a (imaginary) book of smiley face stickers to stick on your boob. Once in our esteemed ranks, you will be asked to make a pic of yourself striking a superhero pose and sporting the smiley face sticker on your boob. The costume is optional, but could be a fun thing for you to do. Just make sure that whatever outfit you wear, you show enough cleavage to see the sticker. For placement suggestions, here's where I put mine:

Note that it doesn't matter which boob you put the smiley face sticker on. Also, if you are an Adobe Photoshop wizard, you can fabricate one instead. Just make sure it looks real!

You will know you have arrived in the esteemed ranks of the BSCs when you see your smiling mug in my photo album! You will then be free to brag about it to your friends! :-D

Soon, I hope the ranks of the Busty Superhero Chicks swell like a sponge thrown in a lake! If you know of any other ladies who might be interested, let them know about this blog and my Facebook page.

We'll see just how far we can take this! Maybe it will become one of those Internet meme phenomenons that we often hear about! Wouldn't THAT be cool! LOL

I'll keep you all updated on this.


The Freelancer said...

When you get enough women to join your ranks - what will you call your group?

1. The Bountyful Boob Society.

2. SLNA - Super Ladies of North America (I know...I know...lame).

I can't think of any more, but you get the idea.

The Freelancer said...

Oh, I wanted to ask you in light of your new BSC team you're setting up (cant wait to see the end result) - are you still looking for more pin up drawings?

Reason I ask is because, I have finished one of yourself back in January. It only needs to be inked and colored and its done.

I'm off to bed. Night.