Friday, January 2, 2009

So how many blog rolls am I on?

Okay gang, stand up and be counted! How many of you have me on your blog rolls? Let me know by using a comment, and provide a link to your blog in that comment so that I can create a blog roll of my own. It's the least I can do for the free publicity that you are giving me!


Witty Indie said...

That's very kind of you. Although I am an offical Blogger member, I don't have a blog yet. I haven't thought of one. I worked as a Project Manger for two years for a Web Design Services company and completed a college certificate in that field and still till this day, I haven't thought of a topic to base my website on.

To be honest, I have other things on my mind.

Freelancer said...

Here is my last holiday submission for you. This is a flash film about Tail gaters (@%#^#&@). Yes...we all hate them. This short has a twist. Watch.

mkfreeberg said...

You're on mine, and although your subject matter is a little different, I consider you to be one of my prize additions.

We have a weakness for superhero chicks. I've listed McBangle's Angle too, and her opinions on other matters are far...less sensible...than yours.

We just got noticed today by WorldNetDaily. I hope you get some fallout from that. Don't know if that's the case, but hey.