Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog news

I just checked some stats about my blog, and I see that as of today, I have had exactly 1,500 views of my profile! Wow! Usually it's pretty hard for any blog to get any traffic, seeing as how there is literally millions of blogs out there! So for me to have had 1,500 views is pretty good, I think.

I also notice that I am closing in on blog entry #200 - about 8 to go as of today's entry. Like I did with post #100, I'll work on something special for #200. Also, I hope to soon have some new pin-up art for you to see. Based on other work by this guy, it should be pretty awesome. Given the detail that he puts into his works, it might be mid-September before I get it. But rest assured that as soon as I get it, I will post it here! If the artist's timing is just right, maybe I'll make posting his artwork here my 200th post! That would be awesome!

Next, my boss reminded me that I haven't posted my favorite Marvel comic like I did with the DC comic. There is a reason for that. It's because I had been waffling between two different titles, and for a time I considered posting both of them, but I think now I've made my choice. For sure I'll post that on Tuesday.

Well gang, that's it for now. I hope you have a great weekend. Here in Texas, we might actually get some rain, which would be a welcome respite - however brief - from this wicked heat we've had just about all summer!

See you next week!

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Witty Indie said...

Sigh. It would have been nice to trade your plus 100 degree temperatures with the rainy days we have been having all summer long. Maybe for 2 to 3 days - tops.