Thursday, August 6, 2009

Comics talk - My current fave comics: DC

It's been awhile since I actually discussed comics, so let's take care of that right now, shall we? :-D

My favorite comic from DC is a DC/Wildstorm product, and it's World of Warcraft.

Even though I have scaled back my WoW playing time considerably (and going to let the subscription run out next week), I still enjoy the game. I just need a little break to take care of other, real-life stuff.

As for the comic itself, what helps it be a great comic is the fact that Walt Simonson writes it. Simonson is perfect for this title because of the classic work he did for Marvel's Thor. WoW type stories fit perfectly for his style, and it shows in the stories that I've read so far. In other words, we know we are dealing with a venue that is fitting more for the Thor/Conan style of storytelling as opposed to something that is related to superheroes. Simonson is perfect for this title because he can give it the sort of fantasy realm sense of larger-than-life otherworldliness that such a title would call for in order for it to work.

I've enjoyed the comic so much that I bought all the back issues so that I would be up to date on the entire series. My favorite character in the title also seems to be Simonson's favorite, which I state because she is the only character that has appeared in just about every issue so far. Her name is Valeera Sangiunar, a blood elf rogue. Her age is supposed to be about (I think) the equivalent of a human 16 year old teenager, but her build looks more adult than that (depending on the artist who draws her).

Valeera lost her parents at a very young age to the Scourge - the name for an army of undead led by the Lich King. Ever since then, she has had a passionate hatred for all undead, whether good or bad. She is also psychologically scarred with feelings of abandonment by those she has grown attached to; her gladiatorial teammates Lo'gosh and Broll Bearmantle.


****Before I continue, I'm about to enter spoiler territory, so if you want to buy the back issues yourself, then I suggest that you stop reading now.****


Her fear of abandonment is easy to explain - she got that from losing her parents at a young age. She has taken up Broll as a sort of foster father; which is odd since Broll is a night elf. Since some of you don't play WoW, blood elves and night elves are mortal enemies. Broll, in turn, has taken Valeera as a foster daughter - Broll having lost his own daughter to a mystical explosion that took her life when she was about the same age that Valeera is now. Lately, Broll has been in absentia for several issues taking care of some sort of still-undisclosed night elf mission that will undoubtedly come back full roar in a style as only Simonson can do.

Valeera has grown up some since the start of the series, and part of that comes from finally belonging somewhere, which in this case is Stormwind, capital city of both the humans and of all of the Alliance. However, she still gets into trouble due to her impatience and hotheadedness. For me, though, that makes her a fun character!

Broll Bearmantle is a night elf druid. Broll is Simonson's tortured hero - having lost his daughter as previously mentioned as well as a relic treasured by the night elf druids. Ever since that time, he shouldered enormous guilt despite the fact that his actions that led to the death of his daughter helped win the battle that he was involved at the time.

Lo'Gosh also happens to be King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind. Stormwind is the capital city of both humans and of the Alliance. Varian is another tortured hero who witnessed his father's assassination at the tender age of 10, and later on in life, lost his young wife to an injury after being struck by a stone thrown by an angry mob. Varian is Simonson's answer to Conan the Barbarian, because he is probably WoW's most skilled warrior.

All three characters have had some resolution to thier respective pasts, but as it always is in comics, more adventure awaits around the corner! And I will be waiting for every issue!

Next week I will discuss my favorite comic from Marvel. See you then!

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