Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Alliance scum?

A friend of mine recently went to Disney World. When I had played WoW, she was one of the people I ran with. She was a blood elf paladin - so she was Horde, of course. She likewise has stopped playing. Anyway, I told her that while she was at Disney World, don't resort to old habits and start roughing up the 7 dwarfs, because they are NOT of the Alliance!

But later it occurred to me - "Or ARE they? Hmmm......" After some thinking, I decided that it is possible that they - along with their bitch Snow White - might indeed be Alliance! It's the perfect cover, after all! After some musing, here are the classes and professions that I see all of them taking up:

Snow White: I see Snow White as a death knight, since she arose from a magically induced sleep - and that's a sort of undeath, right? As for her prof, I say that it's tailoring. How else would those dwarves stay clothed?

Doc: A priest and an engineer. With a name like "Doc", he's got to be the smart one, right? And while we don't know if he's a medical "Doc", we're just going to run with it since priests are healers in WoW.

Happy: He is most likely a shaman and an alchemist and herbalist - with an emphasis on herbalism. How else does he stay so happy other than by those weeds and those potions? Plus, those totems he throws only emphasize whatever mood he is in - which, apparently, is "happy".

Sleepy: He is a very sleepy hunter and inscriptionist, because inscription is probably the most boring of professions - which is why he is so sleepy.

Sneezy: He could probably be a great mage or warlock - if he could stop sneezing long enough to recite spells! LOL I suspect that he is a herbalist with allergies (which makes you wonder why he's an herbalist!), and an alchemist who is working on the cure for his allergies.

Grumpy: Easily, Grumpy is a rogue of the assassin spec. It just fits his attitude. His profession I wager is leatherworking.

Bashful: Bashful is a hunter, because it allows him a lot of time to spend alone, since he's so bashful. His profession is probably a blacksmith.

Dopey: Dopey is a jewelcrafter. Remember this scene from the movie in which he sticks diamonds in his eyes? As for his class, it would have to be a rogue, since he's mute. As a mute, he couldn't cast spells or do the roars that warriors do, and silence is most necessary for a rogue. Plus, as someone named "Dopey", who would suspect him of being a rogue? It's the perfect cover.

Okay, there you have it - the 7 Dwarfs and their WoW classes and professions.


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