Monday, November 8, 2010

My comments on last week's election results

Over the weekend, as I expected, me and my GFs talked over the election’s results, and also as I expected, we became yet another episode of “The View” – with me being Elizabeth Hasselbeck, of course!

Thing is friends, what the election wasn’t was an acceptance of the GOP; what it was instead is the rejection of the Dems. Had there been a viable third alternative, then the voters would have taken that instead of the GOP, but since we are a two-party country, it was the GOP that was the beneficiary this time around, just as it was the Dems in 2006 and 2008 when the voters were dissatisfied with the GOP. It is my hope, however, that the GOP learns its lesson this time.

What was especially surprising (and definitely starting to the Dems!) was the sudden emergence and rapid growth of the phenomenon known as the Tea Party Movement (TPM from here on). What was deliciously ironic is that the TPM was exactly the sort of grassroots “uprising of the people” that the liberals have long drooled about, and yet this uprising didn’t go the way they wanted it to go. Remember folks, I was raised by Marxists, so I know what they wanted and what they expected, and I know why they were hostile to the TPM when they didn’t follow the script of “overthrowing the power structure” and putting them (that is, Democrats) in their place.

In the core of their little black hearts, today’s liberals are Marxists. It’s a fact that’s as obvious as the nose on your face if your eyes are truly open to see it. What Marxists want is what every other power monger wants: power. Don’t buy that line that they are out to help the “little guy” or the “common man” (AKA as “the worker” to Marxists), because it’s entirely NOT about the common man. No, the common man is only a means to an end, and if the common man gets in the way of the true goals of Marxists, then they will not hesitate to get them out of the way by whatever means possible. Had the Marxists TRULY been concerned for the interests of the common man, then they would have been all over gung-ho in favor of the TPM, because the TPM is exactly the sort of grassroots uprising that they’ve longed for with wistful, misty eyes.

One fact to understand about Marxists: Ultimately, regardless of what they might say otherwise, they are anti-humanistic nihilists; that is, they have a low, practically non-existent regard for the value of human life. It’s why they can support abortion and euthanasia without blinking an eye. It's also because of this that many of them have difficulty retaining their disgust and disdain for the common man. Oh, sure, they'll give the spiel about "the people" and such, but dudes, it's a load of shit. If you listen to them long enough (and it won't be long at all!), you'll begin to hear snide comments about how lacking in intelligence those "others" are, and it will be followed up by comments regarding how low on the evolutionary ladder they are, or something about a deficiency in their genetic structure, to their obsessive "clinging to their guns and religions" (a classic!), to other such comments that betray that the speaker is in fact a condescending, elitist Marxist. Oh, that's another thing: Elitist and condescending goes with the label Marxist like macaroni goes with cheese, because condescending elitists is exactly what they are - the whole lot of them.

Anyway, the reason I am saying all this is that the liberal/Marxists' disdain and disgust kept being displayed more and more since 2008, especially when they were trying to ram their magnum opus through Congress and against the will of the people. I refer of course to Obama"care"; better known as socialized medicine or government run health care. I do not recall another so bald and blatant an example of Marxism on display as we saw most of last year when the Dems were trying their hardest to get their health care "reform" through by hook or by crook.

Along the way we were treated with the displays of disdain and disgust as I described above from our Marxist in Chief and our Marxist of the House, Nancy Pelosi. And I don't use those terms facetiously; I really do mean that I believe Obama and Pelosi are Marxists, because they display the classic traits of Marxists of which I am so personally familiar with. Anyway, whenever they would encounter resistance to their ideas - specifically their health care plan - many times in their responses you can see the annoyance lurking beneath the surface of their gigantic intelligence even being questioned. For me, the clincher was when Obama had used the term "tea bagger" to refer to the TPM members. "Tea bagger" is the favorite insult of all American Marxists, and even when it fell out of favor to use in public, they still said it to themselves and in their tweets and other Internet social networks.

What was surprising to me is how quickly the Dems imploded. It took less than two years for them to show their true colors and to implode from within. My guess is that, with the election of 2008, the Dems got it in their head that the voters were handing them a "mandate" to do things the Democrat (aka Marxist) way, so they wasted no time trying to take advantage of it. But it didn't take long before their true colors (Marxist red, in other words) were displayed for all to see. They were SO blatant and SO obvious about their intents that even some of their supporters were shocked. In a real sense, it can be said that the past two years have actually been a good thing, because many people who have been blind to the Dems' overt Marxism finally had their eyes opened.

And so when the Dems exposed for what they are, and exposed by their own hand, it was a short leap of logic for the voters to know what to do what they ended up doing a week ago today: They voted out a stunning amount of Democrats, not just at the federal level, but at the state level as well. I indeed walked on air after the results were announced. And yet, folks, our work is not done, because the Dems will NOT learn their lesson. We saw that when Obama gave his take that we "didn't understand" what he was trying to do. It was beyond him that we did indeed understand, and we STILL rejected him. Such staggering megalomaniacalism should not be rewarded.

We need to vote him out along with more of the Democrats in 2012, because otherwise they will try to come back for more. Not only that, we also need to keep hammering away at the too many blind and clueless GOP members (mainly the leadership) who STILL don't get it. Here these fools had a genuine movement in their hands that they could have used to an even greater stunning and startling effect than we saw last week, and they were still trying to find ways to "get along" with the Dems instead of listening to the will of the people that had been on display for these past 18 months. I think a lot of our current GOP leadership needs to be replaced for missing a historic opportunity when it fell in their lap.

But right now, I feel good, folks. I feel really, really good. Sorry this post ran so long, but I had a lot to get off my chest. Oh, and one last note: In regards to Nancy Pelosi retaining a leadership position in her party, I say bring it on! The more and the longer she and her condescending elitist Marxism is on display for all to see, the better our chances to make the election results of 2012 outdo what we did this year. So please, GF - stay in power and do even more damage to your party! Why in the world would I object to that? Bwahahahahahaha!

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