Friday, November 19, 2010

Q&A Week: Catching up

My intent had been to post every day this week for Q&A Week, but those plans got shot by some unanticipated business that came up. So to make up for that somewhat, I am taking the remainder of the questions that I would have answered during the course of the week and am answering them all today. On to it!

First question: What's the toughest part about being superhuman?
Wow, where do I start? Is it the fact that with my super strength, I have to be cautious in how I handle everything from soft drink cups to handshakes? Or is it the fact that I can hear conversations from so far away, including those whose topics are about me and their opinions of everything from my political views to my attire? Maybe it's the fact that there are so few of us, and thus few of us who can truly understand and sympathize with what it's like being superhuman in a human world. I have to think about this one some more.

Next question: How did you end up a conservative if you were born to and raised by Marxists? Well, part of the answer is to ask the question of how so many baby boomer liberals arose from so "establishment" an upbringing as they had. When you think about it, you can't get much more "establishment" than growing up in the 1950's, so really the only way for the baby boomers to stand out was by standing against their parents. Fast forward to the 1980's when I was born, and you pretty much can't get much more "liberal establishment" than the people who were in charge at the time; in other words, the baby boomers.

Anyway, the current generation tends to rebel against previous generation. My parents rebelled against their Republican parents, while I rebelled against my liberal parents. My kids, when I have kids, will probably be more liberal than I am. I hope not. I hope I can teach and reach my kids so that they don't adopt a political viewpoint that requires you to leave your brain behind, but it's likely to happen anyway.

The last question comes from another GF who saw the cover below of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. Note the title of one of the articles which says "Your Breasts Called... and they're feeling neglected. How to pamper and pleasure them." Her question for me is "If your breasts called, what would they say? What would you say to them in reply?" First, let me say that I have a strong dislike towards such "women's magazines", because they make women look like such shallow and hedonistic airheads. Still, given this blog's title, I can see why she sent this to me to try to answer, so I'll humor her. :-)

I know the ladies would complain of the constant jarring they get from my usual superhero activities. Despite a very sturdy bra, they still move around a lot. Well, they shouldn't have gotten so big! Also, even though I keep my cellphone in my bra, I would tell them to not use it to call me when I am right here. Oh, and stop texting Power Girl's boobs! That pisses her off, and then she calls me to bitch about it, and I'd rather not deal with a pissed-off Power Girl.

Terrible pun time: Do you know what my boobs and Power Girl's boobs call each other? Bosom buddies. :-P

Okay my little nerdlings, I will not be posting at all next week due to all that I have to do getting ready for Thanksgiving. Even though I have the week off, I still have a lot to do. However, I won't be completely out of touch, for I will be checking on my Facebook page sporadically, so if I have anything to say next week, then it will be there. If you haven't already friended me on Facebook, I am under the name "Andromeda Perseus". But fear not, I shall be back to blogging the following week! Until then, I hope you all have a fabulous Turkey Day! See you in a week!

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