Monday, November 15, 2010

Q&A Week!: Immigration question

In case you missed it on my Facebook page (or if you're not on Facebook), then I will be taking a real life vacation all next week, so I'll also take a break from blogging all next week. Despite being on vacation, I have a lot to do next week because of Thanksgiving; so it's just as well that I take a break from blogging, because I wouldn't be able to dedicate the kind of time that I would like to write my posts. I'll still probably check my Facebook page, though, so I won't be entirely gone.

But I do want to take care of some stuff before I go, so starting today and all week is going to be Q&A week! Today's question comes from a GF: Giving that the Obama administration is deporting more illegal immigrants than has been done in recent years, what say you now about your stand on immigration? Still say that our country is lax on illegal immigrants?

I say yes!

Read that article again and see if you missed something.

Did you read it again? All of it? Are you sure?

Well, if you're one of my liberal readers, then I wouldn't be surprised if you missed that "deportable noncriminal immigrants" are in fact themselves also criminals, because they are here -- ILLEGALLY! Why else would they be "deportable"?

But why does the article make the distinction between deportable "criminal" and "noncriminal" immigrants? Ah, my friends, it's so easy to answer that you'll kick yourself for not having thought of it! Well, it's easy for me because I was born and raised among liberals, so I know their thinking inside and out.

Here goes: "Deportable noncriminal immigrants" is code for "illegal immigrants that can help the Democratic Party by making them (that is, the Dems) look good by their helping 'the poor, lost immigrant who's only trying to find a better place for his or her family by making an honest living, and by working on jobs that regular Americans wouldn't want anyway.' " And of course, they "help" them by putting aside any of those "inconveniences" that keeps them from being citizens outright - namely, those mean, ol' nasty and racist immigration laws that forbid anyone from crossing the border and claiming the right to vote for Democrats.

However, the "deportable criminal immigrant" is code for "worthless scum that would only give the GOP ammo to make us look bad if we try to let them through like we're trying to let through the good, wholesome and noble (so long as they vote for Dems!) deportable noncriminal immigrants." In other words, since the criminal "deportable immigrants" can't do anything good for the Dems, they're then good to send back guilt-free.

But friends, it's a distinction of convenience to favor those who benefit from having immigrants here illegally, and not at all to the benefit to the illegal immigrants themselves. Look, let me go ahead a clarify something here in regards to both immigrants and immigrations. I am wholly and totally for immigration and for immigrants to come here - so long as they do it the right way. I've discussed this topic before, so there's no need for me to go over that again.

So don't be fooled by this article! The Dems haven't changed their views of illegal immigrants - they still see them as a pool of potential voters for 2012! It's all part of their plan to help stem the bleeding that they suffered at the ballot box earlier this month.

Aren't you glad to have me here to point these things out for ya? :-D

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