Monday, May 9, 2011

Coming soon: New blog banner! Also, have you seen the new Thor movie?

Well... it's on the current temporary blog banner, and it's also the title of this particular blog post.   So... I really need to repeat myself a third time?  LOL

I promise you guys, you'll love the new blog banner!  :-D

In other news, did you guys get your free comics on Saturday? 

And did you go check out the new Thor movie?  I didn't go see it because you all know I hate to pay for movies if they turn out to be crappy, and that's especially so if it's in 3-D!  Why in the world would a crappy movie be any better if it's in 3-D?  

Anyway, so far I've heard mixed messages on Thor.  What about you guys that have gone to see it?  Is it worth my hard-earned superhero money, or should I go beat up the movie producers? 


Lance said...

I saw Thor yesterday in 3D. It's really good. Here's my review and my blog:

Really like your blog. Found it by acccident. Glad I did.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I am usually hesitant to go see movies in the theater because I absolutely hate paying for movies that later prove to be crappy; and my anger increases exponentially if it's a crappy movie in 3D! LOL And yet, after reading your review, how can I refuse the suggestion of someone who is obviously a comics nerd? Okay, if I have the time, I'll try to go see the movie. While it's in the theater. And maybe even in 3D. But you better be right about how good it is. ;-)