Monday, May 16, 2011

Turning "Skeletoes" into Phat Lewtz for Nerdz!

Over the weekend my friends, inspiration hit me!

When I was out shopping for shoes, I happened to see some shoes called Skeletoes, which are basically running shoes meant to replicate running barefoot without being barefoot.  Why would someone make such a shoe, much less wear it?  Well, according to the theory, feet were meant to be bare.  Shoes actually hinder the muscles and tendons of the feet to develop as they should, but not everyone can go around everywhere barefoot.  Thus, some wise guy came up with Skeletoes, which attempt to replicate going around barefoot. 

So, you might ask, what inspiration hit me when I saw these shoes?  I'm gonna tell ya!  You'll love it!

Now, it's no secret that a lot of you nerds out there are out of shape from all your teching and gaming and comic reading and other such nerdery.  Still, my little nerdlings, you do need to take care of yourselves - if for no other reason than to keep on teching, gaming, and reading comic books!  So how do we get nerds used to a sedentary lifestyle to take up some physical activity?  Here's where the inspiration comes in!

Take these Skeletoes, make them skin colored and with hair on the top and call them Hobbit Feet!  And then promote them as Phat Lewtz for Nerdz!  This might inspire the pudgy little nerdlings into trying them out, even if they run around in costume to complement the shoes.  Yeah, there's the risk of the sight of a lot of nerds running around dressed as hobbitses, but at least you're getting them out of the house and exercising, right?  And with exercising, we all know that half the battle is getting your ass out there and exercising.  Well, now the nerds will have some motivation to go try them out!  It's win-win, if you ask me...

Sigh... I feel that I've done a great thing for mankind and nerdkind.  No thanks are necessary - the satisfaction of a job well done is gratitude enough.   :-)

Now go out there nerds, and tone up those feet!  (and don't forget to shower after exercising....)

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