Monday, May 23, 2011

New artwork of me! Totally awesome is an understatement!

Wow, guys!  Check this out! Isn't this totally awesome? I love it love it love it! This is so great!   WOW!!!!

This outstanding piece of work comes to you via the artist Pasquale Qualano, who has done work for Marvel Comics!  Also kudos to the colorist Ylenia di Napoli and that excellent example of how the lighting and the coloring of the artwork adds a whole other layer to how the final piece comes out.

It goes to show that each step of the comic art is done by artists.  From the initial sketch, which sets the framework of the artwork, to the finalized pencil sketch, to the inking, and to the coloring; each person is an artist in their own right.  Put together, and you have examples like above. 

Okay, I'm going to stop talking now so that you can take a minute to click on the art and look it over so you can check out the detail.  Go ahead. I'll wait. :-)

So what did you think? Ain't it grand? Many, many thanks to you, Pasquale! I provided a link to your site so that others can see your other artwork, and to show that you also do sculpture! You are one talented dude, amigo! Ylenia, if you have a link to some of your artwork, I'll gladly provide that as well.

Oh!  And thanks, Pasquale, for showing that what I wear on my legs is armor!

It is armor, people!   It can't be simple cloth boots because of all the abuse I take during one of my battles, and also when I land.  The boots need to be sturdy enough to take the impact with the ground; otherwise the soles will rip right off and then I'll trip and land in a rough tumble!  And yes, I've done that before!  It's why we worked on the design of the boots that I now wear!

When I first took up blogging as a superhero, I never imagined how much I would enjoy all this artwork of me.  The different interpretations of my look have been absolutely fascinating, and I love every artwork.  It also gives me an idea of what artists' models (and in a sense, the models of photographers) feel when they see themselves captured in image.  When it's a work of art like the example above, there's a certain pride of having been part of that.

Thanks again, Pasquale and Ylenia.  :-D

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Eric said...

Terrific. There's a sense of Impressionistic evocation which is quite rare in comic drawings.