Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inspirations for my costume

On Facebook, one of the friends of the artist, Rocio Zucchi (who did the recent artworks that you've seen here on my blog) asked if my costume was a cross between Power Girl and Mary Marvel (both of DC Comics).  That gave me the idea to discuss what inspirations went into my costume. 

One is She-Ra, the sister of He-Man.  The other is Isis, a DC superhero from the 70s.  However, I can see how PG and MM can be seen as influences.  Below are pics of all four of them, and you can see how they would have an influence on the design of my costume. 

Three of the four are basically white costumes with a white skirt, while the main influence of PG's costume on mine is the cleavage hole, and we both have that hole there for the same reason:  As a distraction.  And it works!  LOL  The smiley face is my own idea, as an additional distraction, and also as a memory device.  How many superhero women do you know that have a smiley face on their boob?  LOL  Yeah, I'm thinking like a marketing capitalist, here!  Remember, I AM a right wing nut job!  Hehe!

Anyway, there ya go.  Now that I've posted them below, you can see how they would indeed have an influence on the look of my costume. 

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