Friday, August 12, 2011

New Rocio Zucchi art: Chibi Me and Lucky Shot!

I tried to decide which of these chibi artworks to post first, but I loved them both so much that I'm going to post both of them!  :-)

They are both by the wonderfully talented Rocio Zucchi, who has also provided the most recent artworks that I've posted to my blog.  Enough talk!  Let's look at the chibi art! 

Isn't it AWESOME???!!!??

The top one is my coworker at the Department of Superhuman Studies, Lucky Shot, whom I told you about previously.  Her eyes are a glowy blue because, my little nerdlings, you are seeing for the very first time how her power looks when it's active.  As said in her bio, her power functions as a sort of radar much like Spiderman's "spider sense" (but Lucky does not say "Lucky Shot sense tingling!"); so as long as her power is active, her eyes glow blue like that.  This is also the first time you are seeing her in costume.  What, you were expecting tights, a cape, and underwear worn on the outside?  Nope, unlike me, Lucky does her fighting from the shadows, so a bright, gaudy costume would not help her.  Also, like my costume, her attire is made of Alloy Cloth, which is virtually indestructible. 

The artwork below is me!  This is one of the few times you are seeing me out of costume.  And to Rocio, I must say that I love the earrings you designed for me!  Mucho cute!  I wish I knew how to make stuff like that, because I think they'd be cute earrings in real life.  Anyway, isn't this a great pose?  I just can't get over how talented and creative these works by Rocio are.  I love my cute facial expression, the pose, the outfit, and even the wrist strap with my initial.  (girly squeal sounds!)

I really, really love seeing how different artists draw me.  I seriously can't get enough of that.  And when it's someone like Rocio - man, it's like Christmas when I open up the art file and see the artwork for the very first time.  Ha!  I love it! 

Thank you so much, Rocio!  You are super awesome!  Be sure to visit her deviantArt site, my little nerdlings!  :-)

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