Friday, September 28, 2012

Action-packed new artwork by Chris Butler! BAM! BOOM! POW!

And now coming at you in glorious Technicolor is - me!  Bam!  Boom!  POW! 

Ain't it awesome?  This is brought to you by the wonderfully talented Chris Butler!  Chris, of course, has brought you many other wonderful artworks of me, but this time I look like I'm really about to unload on the bad guy!  Or maybe it's just someone who forgot to text me back!  >.<

Thank you so much, Chris! 

Oh, by the way - as of this artwork, my costume's cleavage hole is now officially the flat oval a la Power Girl, who lost hers in the reboot of last year.  I know you fanboys were really missing the legendary cleavage hole from PG's costume, so now I've adopted it for myself as a tribute to her iconic costume.  So rest easy, my little nerdlings!  PG's cleavage hole is gone, but not forgotten, thanks to me!  :-)

By the way, there is another Chris Butler artwork coming to you real soon!  Wait until you see it!  It's gonna be a real treat!  :-)

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