Monday, September 17, 2012

Awesome comic page! Me vs. Hazelel!


This vintage-styled comic page is brought to you by the very talented Rick Celis!  Rick has made other artworks of me and Megan, but this one is the first to include his own character, Hazelel!  I seem to be pretty ticked off, but Hazelel looks like she's having fun! Maybe she doesn't have too many opponents that she can duke it out with and can give it right back!   LOL

If I ever were to battle the fiery red-head, it would certainly be a tough battle.  Oddly enough, battling super strength women is harder for me than battling super strength men, because while men are much stronger, they also move very slow compared to how fast I can move.  This is because of all that muscle mass getting in the way.  Super strength women, however, move as fast or almost as fast as I do, so they can dodge more of my punches - and they can land more!  So really, I take more punishment from the ladies than I do the men. 

But I digress.  What an awesome piece of work!  Man, I gotta get a t-shirt made of this!  And a poster!  So what era would you say this is?  40s?  50s?  When were comics 10 cents?  Certainly before my time! X-D

Thanks so much, Rick, on a stunning comic cover!  I love it!   

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