Thursday, July 11, 2013

And now... the commission contest winner!

And there you have it!  The winning artwork, by the one John Rose!  First off, to give John the proper credit where credit is due, here is his professional site, and here is his deviantArt site.  To all potential clients of John: Hire this guy!  You won't be disappointed!  :-D

I want to start out my review by linking this artwork.  Check it out real quick, because it's related to what I'm going to say below.  John makes awesome pin-up style artworks, and it shows in the artwork of me above.  (You know, it'd be fun one day to see how I would look in the classic martini glass artwork!  LOL).

What I really, really love about this artwork is it's retro-esque style.  In fact, the semi-1940s look is the first thing the boss mentioned when I got the finished artwork from him.  I love the retro-looking robot with those "dryer hose" arms!  If this artwork was from an actual story, then I would imagine the robot's designer being an "old school robotics" type of guy who dreams of taking over the world with these kinds of robots.  Fortunately, he didn't take into account of just how strong I am!  That happens a lot, by the way - my opponents not knowing how strong I really am - and I take full advantage of that underestimation! 

Anyway, let's go ahead and check out some of the details here, because this is where it gets more fun!  Along with the retro-looking robot, notice how I'm drawn.  The outfit, especially that long, billowy skirt, conveys John's "1940s pin-up" style of art.  You see it in the face and in the style that the hair is drawn.  Of course, the coloring adds to this retro look even more.  This could easily be the dramatic conclusion in a 1940s comic book. 

On top of that, check out the composition.  You have one line of action in my right arm, pointing to the top right side of the artwork.  Down at the bottom of my skirt, you have my left knee pointing to the bottom right side of the artwork.  My other leg is pointing to the bottom left side.  And to complete these diagonal lines, the robot's torso is aligned in such a way that it points to the upper left side.  All four corners: covered!

Encircling these four diagonal lines is the robot's arms, both wrapped around the center of the page, and thus drawing your eyes there in the center of the action. The robot's arms are reaching for me, but they're actually grabbing your attention to the focus of the artwork: My furious punch!  Note that the immense impact of the punch is emphasized by the robot's backward and opposite motion from my punch, and further emphasized by his head coming clean off!  Adding to this even more is the robot's feet, one of which we can see the bottom of!  And last, the billowing skirt further focuses your eye in the center of the page, and adds one more final touch of emphasis of the thunderous punch I've thrown at the killer robot!

Bam! Boom!  POW!!!   

Awesome!!!  ^.^

Thanks, John, for one stupendous work!  I love it love it love it!  Whoohoo!!

You are now officially added to my Cool Links List!  --------------->

Well now, that was one fun commission contest!  Coming next month is going to be another call for commissions, but this time not in the form of a contest, because I hope to have more than one submission.  Details to come later this month.

Thanks for joining me on this wild and fun ride, my friends, and a special thanks to the artists who participated, and a congratulations to John Rose!  You rock!

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