Friday, July 26, 2013

Commissioned artwork by Sebastian Van Esch

Today I present to you a commissioned artwork by Sebastian Van Esch!

SVE is one of the artists we had for my commission contest.  If you recall, the theme was a depiction of me taking on a killer robot, whether it was a robot, or a dude in a robot suit.  SVE took on the robot suit angle in the form of some mysterious green-skinned alien operating a vicious looking robot suit.

Gosh, where to begin on what I love about this artwork?

Let's start by saying that the overall appearance is very much like what you would see in the dramatic climax in a comic book.  From the looks of it, the fight was a real battle royale, with the robot suit taking most of the punishment (and it looks like I gave a little bit of hurt to the alien, too!).  So what you see here is a story having played out, and it's about to reach the dramatic end, with me about to deliver the final, punishing blow! 

Check out the damage to the armor.  I just love all the detail!  And down below on the street you see one of the robot's feet!  My guess: I took out its foot in order to keep it from standing, and it would mess up whatever he was planning to do, because he couldn't stand.  Heck, the whole bottom half of the robot is about to fall off, so it looks like this handicapping stratagem worked out, and that this battle is about to end!

And while you're at it, check out that perspective!  See folks, anyone who wants to learn how to do comic book art needs to master the art of perspective, and what SVE has here is a great lesson in perspective.  For one, you see the robot's left hand arching over my head, and my left hand hanging up and set up to come crashing down on his little green noggin!  And waaaay way down below, you see the robot's right foot!  It looks so high up you almost get a nosebleed!

Ah, and this artwork is also a great lesson in coloring!  Note how the color of the building actually frames the action.  The color of the building contrasts with the silvery armor of the robot and my white costume, which draws your eye right to the action.  In addition to the building color, there is a further concentration by the shadow behind me and the robot.  Very nicely done!

And last, notice that tension in my right arm as I hold the robot up.  It shows how strong I am, and it also emphasizes the curve in my other arm by complementing the arc.  It's like two sides of a bear trap about to snap shut!  Hell, no wonder the robot got so beat up!  Thanks for the excellent work, Sebastian!  It's all a great lesson on how to draw, ink, and color a comic page, especially the big climax moment!

Sebastian had asked me to not be afraid to offer some criticism, but in all honesty, there's not really much to criticize.  There would be only one thing, and it's nothing major at all, but Sebastian, since you asked, here ya go:  My hips are a little wider than that. How much wider?  Don't ask, unless you want to get beat up like that robot!  It's because of my wide hips that I wear the short white pleated skirt.  It's kind of a trick of fashion to use such a skirt to hide wide hips.  So there's your one criticism, Sebastian.  But again, it's nothing major, and it takes nothing away from the art.

Sebastian is a lesson in the use of rough drafts to come up with the final piece.  He sent the most rough drafts, and out of all that, he ended up with the finished artwork that you see here.  So to you young artists out there trying to break into the field of comic book art, SVB is a good example to follow!  

Thanks so much, friend!  Your artwork is a real treat!  :-)

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