Monday, July 15, 2013

The Flying Man - a taste of life in my "universe"

What I like about this short film, The Flying Man, is that it captures the sense of fear and anomie that superhumans in my "universe" brought to everyone else whenever we first started to become publicly known back in the mid-2000’s.  What's to stop one of us superhumans to suddenly becoming a law unto ourselves?

That's the problem with the supervillains in my "universe" - it's not so much that they do evil for evil's sake, but that they think that they are not bound by the laws of humans.  That is, they believe that they are their own law, and their personal laws supersede human laws.  It's very hard to negotiate with someone who thinks that they aren't bound by the laws and social mores of the community that they live in.

For example, with my super strength, flight ability, heightened senses (sight, hearing, etc), and speed healing, if I ever went "rogue", it would be very, very hard to stop me.  If I didn't care about what others thought of my actions, if I was out only for myself, it would take the authorities a very long time and a great loss of life to finally put me down.

This is why I work for the government as its "superhero" - to provide a very public example not just to humans, but also to provide a very public example to the superhumans as well - that humans and superhumans working together can be done, and that there is another way for superhumans to be living than in their own little insular worlds.

I say this, because for most of human history (again, in my "universe"), superhumans had to hide who they were in order to be left alone and not raise fear among the regular human population –whether we meant to raise fear or not.   I did this hiding of my super abilities as well, before I accepted the government's offer to be their "superhero".  There were so few of us superhumans that for the most part, we weren't aware of others like us; most of us simply stayed in hiding because it was the easiest thing to do.

In The Flying Man, we see the fear that is arisen when someone with special abilities decides to make themselves judge, jury, and executioner.  It’s hinted that this flying man is killing only criminals, making him a combination of Marvel’s The Punisher and DC’s Superman rolled into one person.  But by what criteria does he make these decisions, and by what right does he carry out his “executions” (which is what dropping them to the ground from a killing height amounts to being)?

So you see, friends, why superhumans scare people in my universe.  Imagine The Flying Man not as one person, but almost a hundred, back in 2005 when superhumans decided to make themselves publicly known, and some took it upon themselves to remake the world more to their liking.  So watch The Flying Man, and get a taste of life in my neck of the woods.

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