Monday, January 26, 2009

Hooters! (the restaurant, of course!)

I was going to do comics talk today, but a newspaper article appeared today that made me think that now is as good a time as any to bring up what might become a regular recurring topic on this blog, and that's the discussion of boobs in our society. In short, from time to time I will link stories about our societal fascination with women's boobs.

Please note that while you are free to send articles on boobs to me, do not send porn! That is NOT what I am trying to discuss with this topic! If you send such links of porn to me, not only will I delete your comment, I will also ban you if you do it again! That's how serious I am! I hope we have an understanding about this, because I don't want to ban anyone.

As an example of the kinds of articles on boobs I am talking about, one is posted below:

Read this article: Move over, Hooters: New Restaurants moving in on the market

Now here is a comment on that article. See what you think of what this person says:

These companies and men are so smart. Wow!!! Who would have thought that you could appeal to men with sex? They are so creative! Let’s see, they figured out if you appeal to people's weaknesses and desires you'll make money...and lots of it. All by themselves? We are a self-indulgent, fiscally irresponsible society that puts profit above principle, self before neighbor. People naturally want more than they deserve and things they don't need. Can we say, "Financial Crisis, Obesity, and Drug/Alcohol Abuse?" Lesson -- If you zero in on the weaknesses, vices, and desires of others you can make $MONEY$. Duh!! When people prey on others for their own personal gain we call them pimps, dealers, predators and thieves. Just because what they do is legal, doesn't make it right! When did right become so wrong? Ethics, Moral Character and Values -- they just don't sell! Ever hear of Hobby Lobby, Interstate Batteries or Chick-fil-a? Profit isn't bad; it's what you're giving up to get it

So - what do you think? Agree? Disagree?

Before I continue, I'll see what you all have to say.


Witty Indie said...

I know this is off topic, but happy Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Ox. Therefore if you were born in this year, you will feel the vibe. My year is the monkey. According to Chinese, I am very smart.

The Chinese year cycle is based on the Lunar calendar (Moon cycle phrases). The first "new moon" of the year is when the Chinese celebrate the new year.

Spread the cheer around.

Witty Indie said...

Interesting. Its just as the saying goes "sex sells". Everyone has weaknesses, but I believe its a matter of how much self control you have.

What do you think?

The Freelancer said...

Hi. In relation to your article today, I have found an article for people that are anime lovers (I'm one of them).

The article is titled, "Why so much backlash against big breasted characters?"

The source is from the Animenation forum.

Personally myself, I do not have a problem with it. It anime/manga!! Its supposed to be unrealistic, but some people get upset. Not all anime is pornographic as anime is created for all age groups.

Please comment.

The Freelancer said...

Finished some studying. Ok. I have another link with relation to your article. Enjoy.

Bounteous said...

When in America on holiday last year doing the typical theme park trek in Florida I went into Hooters. Not a place I would have picked but my daughters (15 & 18) thought it would be a laugh (dare I say hoot) to go there.
I assumed it would be really tacky but it was not too bad. Basically another burger / pizza / hotdog type restaurant with a sports theme. ie lots of TVs showing sport.
The waitresses all wore short shorts but did not have their boobs hanging out as much as I though they would. I would not go back because of any outrage about sexism but as the food is not the sort I like.