Monday, April 6, 2009

But I AM pretty!

Hehe. I can so totally relate to Miranda's feelings!

Yes, beauty is only skin deep and ultimately it's the substance that matters - but dang it, we ladies go through so much to look the way we do! You think I wake up looking like this? No, I gotta do some prep work like any other woman concerned about her appearance - and oh! This hair! Fortunately my super abilities includes having very durable hair, but I still have to wash it! You know how many bottles of shampoo I go through in a given month to wash this much hair?

Granted, some women get too carried away with their looks, but still - let's just say that if the gents want to score points with the women in their lives, pay them a compliment once in a while on their appearance. A little gratitude over the trouble we go through looking the way we do will go a long way. But I'm sure most of you gents knew that already. ;-)

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