Thursday, April 9, 2009

Next week is Review Week

Well, crap.

Last night I had too many distractions (and no, I don't mean that I was playing WoW well into the night!) that kept me from finishing my review of Wonder Woman in time to run it today. So with that, rather than rush through the review, I will push it back to next week and just make next week Review Week.

So that this blog entry is not just the equivalent of a post-it note on a bulletin board, I'll go ahead and answer a few recent questions that have been addressed to me in person or by e-mail.

* What do you think of President Obama so far?

Hmm. So far, not so good. He's a smooth talker, I'll grant him that - but his selection of staff leaves much to be desired; among them having a tax cheat head the Treasury department. And what's the point of having "transparency" if bills are rushed through before the details are known? I give him a D right now, because he seemed so poorly prepared for what he was going to face. My choice for president is still Sarah Palin.

* How do you fly without the wind resistance tearing off your clothes?

I thought I'd go ahead and answer this one, because it's been asked more than once. For one, my clothes are made by a superhuman who has the ability to blend two materials that otherwise don't blend. For instance, he's able to combine cotton cloth with steel to give a material that has the softness of cotton but the durability of steel. Thus, they are almost completely tear-resistant. Because he is the only known superhuman with this ability, he charges enormous sums to fashion such costumes. In other words, your taxes paid for my costume. But don't worry, you're definitely getting your money's worth out of it.

Also, when I fly, I have a low level telekinetic shield to protect me from most of the wind resistance. All flyers seem to have this TK shield, so it must be a part of the power of flight. My TK shield is nowhere near that of someone whose power is TK, but it's enough to protect me while in flight.

Do you play any other games besides WoW?

No, not at this time. WoW is addictive enough, and I don't think I need to add another addictive game to my life! LOL

Okay folks, that's it. See you next week!

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Anonymous said...

With regards to Obama, I believe its too early to judge him. After the Bush Administration, the man has a lot "to clean up" (the economy, the social state of the country, and the resolving tensions in the Middle East).

There are some things from your perspective that may seem "disorganized" on how Obama is handling the country, but please give the man time.

The important thing to remember is that does Obama has a plan and is acting on it.

In the future regardless of what the man does, both Conservative and Liberals will respect the man for what he has done for the country.