Thursday, April 2, 2009

WoW update: Dragon riding!

Last night my main toon was riding on the backs of dragons! Or drakes, as they are called for this quest - which basically are smaller and not fully matured dragons.

The whole idea for this quest was to use a harpoon to hop from drake to drake until you've knocked off ten riders to finish the quest. Not an easy thing to do, since I had to rely on my melee skills to knock off the other riders. For those of you not on WoW, hunters have mediocre battle melee skills, which is why they rely instead on their pets (in my case, a rhino-sized two-headed, radiation leaking, drooling and spewing corehound, which looks more like a mutant rhino rather than a dog) and their ranged weaponry skills instead.

My melee skills were just enough to get the job done the first time around, thanks mainly to my two awesome Savage Cobalt Slicers, which helped me to slice and dice the other riders like those cooks in Japanese restaurants slice up vegetables. Despite them, I still suffered due to my weak melee skills, and about 4 of those ten nearly took my health bar down to zero before I knocked them off. I think someone like a paladin or a warrior would probably have a much easier time of knocking off riders. Fortunately I'm at level 450 for First Aid, as I had to go through several Heavy Frostweave Bandages in between battles.

Here's some images of what I went through for this battle:

First I went hopping from drake to drake using a harpoon with a chain attached...

Then once I hopped over to a drake, I did battle with its rider like so...

...using my Savage Cobalt Slicers, which look as big on me as they do on this night elf.

As a blood elf woman, I'm pretty small compared to the other races on WoW. However, during my time in this area, I was disguised as a giant viking woman like the ones in the pictures above. That was pretty cool. Oh, and one of these quests involved rescuing some small goblin men being held hostage in a village of these giant viking women. I couldn't help but think of that "snuu-snuu" episode of Futurama. :-)

It made me wonder if any of those goblin men wanted to be rescued. :-D

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Anonymous said...

Those goblin men were probably happy and terrified at the same time. That episode of Futurama you referenced was from Episode 3ACV01 - "Amazon Women in the Mood".

These quoutes remind me what you stated earlier.

Quotes from Episode:

Femputer: "Femputer sentences them: To death!"
All: *astonished and quivering*
Femputer: "By snu snu!"
Fry: "Yeah!!! Whoohoo!
Brannigan: "Yay!!!"
Kif: *quivering*
Brannigan: "What are you? Gay?"

Sound Clip 1


Brannigan: "We need rest. The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised."
Amazon: "It time snu snu!"
Fry: "Can't we just cuddle? Nooooooo!"

Sound Clip 2