Monday, April 27, 2009

My first Facebook group!

Now for my news! On Facebook, I have created my first group! It's called Superhero Tig o' Bitties! LOL

I intend this to be a humorous homage for the buxom super ladies of the comics, and yet I am fully aware of how quickly it can devolve into a gallery of porno art, so for now I am maintaining a tightfisted control over what gets published there. I want to trust group members to behave themselves and to keep to the intent of the group page, but I also know how some people are - that they can't control themselves in the face of such circumstances. Later on if some members demonstrate that they possess the maturity to stick with my theme, then I'll open up who gets to publish straight to my facebook page without me approving it. But one step at a time. :-)

Geez, I hate to start this out on a negative, but I'm also painfully aware of how quickly that just a couple of weak-willed sleazeballs can ruin something like this. I really, really want this to be a homage to the super ladies, and as far as I can help it, it will stay that way. Your next question is no doubt going to be "what is the line between what is acceptable and not acceptable?" Well, it's basically this: I'll know it when I see it. If I feel that it is lacking in some way or the other, then it will not be published on my Facebook page. Simple as that.

With the negativity out of the way, I will finish by saying that while it might not be fair that the super ladies have to have such - er, "abundance" - to get noticed, at least they got noticed - and some have managed to do well despite this objectification; and others still are able to be recognized for more than their DD's. My hope is that our actions will one day speak louder than our bra size. A lot of us super ladies expose ourselves to the same dangers that the super men do, and we deserve respect for the work we do instead of being famous for being busty.

While some may question the wisdom of saying what I just said while creating a facebook group that seems to glorify that objectification, what I'm attempting to do here instead is to help the super busty super ladies to get over the fact that there will always be those who objectify us no matter what we do, and to just accept the fact that being busty is a part of who we are. We are loud, we are proud, and we have tig o' bitties. We ain't got nothing to be ashamed of. :-)


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you Andromeda. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to make your Facebook group as fun as possible. Is your "fists of fury" with regards to the rules, mainly due to past experiences with individuals or your personality as a whole? I have dealt with conservative people and immature people myself and understand where you are coming.

I am curious and would appreciate hearing your point of view. Thanks.

Busty Superhero Chick said...


Yes, it is mainly due to my past experiences. There are some - mostly male, but a few female - who simply can't control themselves when it comes to sites that try to post non-porno pics about boobs.

In the past on sites that aren’t mine, any attempts to create pages such as the one I started always – ALWAYS – devolves into a pornfest gallery if the mods aren’t on top of what gets posted. A few suggestive pics are ALWAYS followed by full-blown bare breasts shot and then not long afterwards, pure porno - with the bare genitalia for all to see.

And it’s ALWAYS done by a few who have whole galleries of these porno pics stored up in their computers - so you know that they’ll be providing an endless supply of porno pics if the page isn’t taken down. Soon the only ones who are looking at that page are those who are drawn to such pics anyway while the rest of us who had hoped for something interesting and thought-provoking are once again made to look elsewhere.

I do NOT want that to happen here. I believe that a page dedicated to boobery can be done without becoming a pornfest – after all, if Hooters can exist as a restaurant without having devolved into a titty bar by now, then it demonstrates that it can be done provided that those in charge stay on top of the image that’s trying to be conveyed. Hooters is actually the inspiration for this idea – and yes, I’ve gone to that restaurant before. And since I know what you’re going to ask next…

Yes, I’ve been asked to join the staff – no, I haven’t taken them up on it – yes, I have one of their tank tops – yes, it looks great on me – no, I won’t post a pic of me wearing it, but if one of my artists is willing to draw me wearing a Hooters tank top, I’ll post that.

And last, I am curious why you lumped “immature” and “conservative” in the same sentence. Are you trying to imply something about conservatives? ;-)

I know you’ll probably disagree with this, but there are many left-wingers that are some of the most immature people I know. If it’s not their bizarre ideas of “sex without consequences” or their constant victim mentality, then it’s their constant leaning on their degrees that makes them believe that whatever they say is gospel.

And they believe in such stupid contradictions. How can you claim to support the freedom of the press and of expression, and yet gush about people such as Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, both of whom oppress a free press and free expression? How can you even support the idea of communism in which freedom as we enjoy it is forbidden by their laws? Communism is actually a very negative philosophy that has very little faith in the common man, which is why it seeks to suppress their independent thought.

Then there is the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”, which is so laden with partisan ideology that it’s a wonder that left wingers can’t see it. It’s actually a State attempt to suppress the freedom of speech and of ideas, and if it ever passes, it will set a precedent that could come back to haunt even its creators.

I could easily rant on – trust me, I could – but I think I made my point. :-)

Anyway, I hope I answered your questions.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee! No problem. Yes, you did answer my questions. In my sentence were I placed "immature" and "conservative" together, I was implying two different types of people. I was not stating that conservative people such as you are immature. That wasn't the case.

Unfortunately I would have to disagree on your statement that most liberals are immature. I agree that those type of individuals act crazy sometimes, but it's playful craziness. As well, some have strong mortal centers (such as myself). But you can't neatly put all liberal in box and say that they ALL act this way. That's over generalizing. You have to account the all the factors that make the individual.

There are some individuals that hold both conservative and liberal values, but that depends on where those values are placed.

This is very interesting topic I bought up.

One last thing before I have dinner. In one of your sentences you said "constant victim mentality". What do you mean by that?

Eric Chen said...

My question to you Andromeda is the following: Are you a wealthly woman?

Another question that came to mind is because of your views, do you have liberal friends?

I am very open minded and very empathic. I'd love to hear your point of view on both these questions, please.

Busty Superhero Chick said...


First, yes I did overgeneralize about left-wingers, and for that I apologize. And yes, I do have left-wing friends, and they deserve better than my overgeneralization about them, which is why I apologized.

That being said, I stand by my statement that some left-wingers I know are among the most immature people I know. In fact, I work with some of them. They're considered "brilliant", "forward thinking", "open-minded" and the like, and that "you just don't understand them". All of which I think is a CYA by the admins to hide the fact that they hired an arrogant jerk.

I don't care what ivy league college they went to, it doesn't excuse poor people skills. And it certainly doesn't justify the crude comments about my religion, my physique, or my political ideology that they often direct my way. Bad manners are bad manners - I don't care how much of a genius they are alleged to be.

As for the constant victim mentality, what I mean that nothing's ever their fault. They can't be held responsible because of some force of oppression in their past or some psychological complex. Yes, there are oppressive forces out there and certainly we can feel overwhelmed by circumstances, especially when they seem to spiral out of control.

But mature people deal with it and move on. In fact, they use their past struggles to make them stronger, not use it as a crutch excuse to act like an asshole. I can't respect people who hold on to their pain in such a way as to damage themselves psychologically. And most of the time, such people are left-wingers.

Busty Superhero Chick said...


First, no I am not a wealthy woman. My proof is that I got no bail-out money from the government. ;-)

I find it a most bitter irony of the current administration that so far it is the very wealthy who have gotten "bail-outs" while the rest of us are going to be nickeled and dimed to death for the foreseeable future.

Next, as I answered in my previous response, yes I do have left-wing friends, some of whom are also super humans. While we certainly have our disagreements, they also conduct themselves professionally when doing the hero thing, and I can't help but respect that.

My only guess as to why you asked those two particular questions is that you might be implying that I am so wealthy that I lead an insular, ivory-towered life. As a superhero, I can't afford to be that insular and disconnected if I am to help others in the way I am expected to do. It is such insular and disconnected super humans who often become super villains, so if I am to stay on the side of the angels, then I can't allow myself to be disconnected in the way that you seem to be suggesting.

I hope that at least answered your questions. :-D