Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avatar contest update: Contest cancelled for now

Hey gang.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but we were giving you all time to respond before we officially ended the avatar contest. Plus, I just couldn't type the words! (sniffsniff!) But the boss didn't feel that we had enough of a response to continue the contest with so little time left. He wants his money's worth, after all.

Therefore, we are not ending the avatar contest for good, but only for now. We are going to work on promoting ourselves (and the contest along with it) some more, and then maybe in a month's time we can try again. The boss reasoned that with summertime still with a month to go, many of you might still be working on other plans - like vacations. :-)

So take heart, friends! We'll try again! :-D

Normal posting to resume tomorrow.

See ya!


Anonymous said...

That's good to hear. Are we the public going to see the submissions you received so far?

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Anon, no we won't be showing the submissions so far for a couple of reasons:

1.) The contest will resume at a future date, so we will keep them as those artists' submissions once we start the contests up again. The artists who submitted entries are free to submit more entries at the later contest, of course.

2.) Since this was going to be a paid work, it would look bad to post the artists' works now, after the contest has been ended *with no declared winner*, and to make it look like we are trying to use their work for free. We want to be fair about this, after all!

More info on the later contest to come - well, later! LOL

Thanks for asking, though.

Anonymous said...

Not a problem. With regards to promoting yourself, consider attending comic book conventions (e.g. local events in your city, other cities in Texas, or out of state). Comic-Con is a great way to start.

Another idea that would boost awareness of "The Busty Superhero Chick" is to have your costume made FOR REAL and wear it during Halloween parties. You'll be unique and stand out. Friends and others will come up and ask you about it. After that you will market yourself. Word of mouth!

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PO Box 187 New York, NY 10014

or by e-mail:

Finally you should consider creating a website. I understand that your blog is already a year old, but other than me and a few others, your blog isn't well known. This is a venture that you and your boss may want to look into in the future.

All the power ya. I hope this help you and your boss out.

Anonymous said...

Also according to Odd Todd, he allows free advertising on his website.

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Anonymous said...

You should consider promoting yourself through your local comic book shop.

Anonymous said...

Now that we are back in the swing of things, what is new this week in Comics Talk?