Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avatar contest update: Only a week to go

I've gotten a couple of comments asking about whether we (that is, the boss and I) will have another contest similar to what we're having now. The short answer is that it does not seem likely, because I still haven't gotten the amount of responses that I want to see for this contest. And friends, as of tomorrow there is only a week to go.

I'm posting this blog entry a little later in the day than usual because I've been talking about this with the boss on what we should do. This is what we decided: If by Tuesday we haven't gotten enough of a response to calls for entries, then we will discontinue the contest. Understand that we really, really hate to do that, but with so few even stating an interest, it won't be much of a contest, and the whole point of this was to be able to have several entries to choose from.

However, if we DO get more responses, then we will extend the deadline by a week. However, I want actual responses from you all, and not just from "Anonymous". To those of you who already have expressed an interest, then you don't need to do the following, but to the rest of you who are interested but haven't gotten around to telling me, then this is my call for you to do so quickly. Contact me by e-mail and let me know that you are definitely interested. My e-mail address is:

I can't emphasize enough that if we still lack a decent amount of response by Tuesday, then the contest is off. We have ideas for other contests but we don't plan to pursue them unless this first one succeeds. Please, friends - I want to see this through, but the boss deserves to see some actual effort from more of you if he is going to be agreeable to part with his hard-earned money.

The contest is not cancelled yet, but it is on life support.


Witty Indie said...

You have my support Andromeda.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was playing old school Mario Kart, when I thought of something. On your blog you should have a section where people can talk about random stuff. So far you have a section for politics, WoW, Women Issues, Comic Talk, and so on.

Also I was curious in asking you something. In a preivous comment reply you said that if you could vacation anywhere in the world, you would visit England. May I ask why?

Witty Indie said...

I just want to say that I had fun participating in your contest. Whatever your decision I had a great time.