Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Avatar contest update

Here we are, the middle of the month, and it also happens to be the middle of the time that the avatar contest will take place! :-D

This blog entry is also going to serve as something of an update: So far, we've gotten very few entries. Perhaps you artists are working on making it the very best you can do. Or maybe you have other things going on in your life right now. OR - perhaps you are doing like a lot of artists usually do, and are waiting for the last minute before even starting on the sketches! LOL

After all, July 31st (the end of the contest) seems SO far away, and it appears that you have tons of time to get started! Well, the only thing I can say to that is - IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH NOW! See how fast that time went by? And I betcha that the rest of the month will go by just as quickly!

Tell ya what - do me a favor, willya? At the very least, please let me know how many of you plan to enter a submission to my contests (color and B&W avatar art) by either posting a comment here or sending me an e-mail. I just want to have an idea how many of you plan to give this a shot. I mean, c'mon! $1oo and $50 for a freakin' avatar! It's not like I'm asking you to do a whole comic book!

If we get very little to no response to my call for who plans to participate, then we might consider canceling the contest. We don't want to do that - trust me - but if we are not getting the kind of interest out of this that we hope we would get, then that defeats the purpose of having the contest. So drop me a line, okay? I want to believe that I have more interested readers out there than I think I have right now.

In other news, unless the creative bug hits me Friday or Saturday, then this is likely going to be the only blog entry I will make this week. Things are kinda nutzo for me in real life right now, so I gotta take care of these other things. Take care and see you next week!


awhole said...

Been interested in it, and have been procrastinating, as you mentioned. =)

Anonymous said...

You know who I am "wink wink".

I have submitted entries to the contest so far. I know what you mean when you say time flies by. I should know because I work in web development.

Worse case scenario, if you don't get a lot of entries and have to cancel the contest (which I pray you will not), I believe it would be fair to all the submissions you have for the world to see.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Come on people! Get out those sketch pads or any piece of paper and start doodling. Then use that doodle has a template for the main digital art piece.

I agree we all have busy lives, but come on now! Andromeda is giving everyone an opportunity. Don't let that opportunity slip by.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with the amount of entries you have received I think it is best to cancel the contest.

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider taking the news of the contest to somewhere like deviantART. That'll probably increase your chances of getting more entries, especially with the prize offered.

Ian said...

Please don't end the Avatar contest. I'm saying this as it wouldn't be fair to the people who participated in it.

Ian said...

Please oh please continue having contests such as this!

Witty Indie said...

I have started another color art piece. The artwork is in the development stages. Mind you, I'm working on this artwork during my off hours at work. My duties at my workplace are top priority.

Whatever or not the contest is a success, I believe you should showcase all the submissions you've received. By doing that is proof that you have fans that actually read your blog.

Enjoy your weekend.