Monday, April 11, 2011

Comics Talk: Marvel's Fear Itself

Over the weekend I purchased the first two issues of Marvel Comics' Fear Itself (one series is titled Fear Itself while the other is titled Fear Itself: Front Line)

 My dread fear: I am so afraid that Marvel is going to make this another Civil War; that is, something that has an enormous buildup and a total flop as an ending.  Civil War was such a disappointment for me that it was outdone in epic fail-ness only this year by DC's horribly bad Brightest Day (BD was so bad that I quit on the series!).

After having read both FI and FI:FL, I am cautiously optimistic so far on how this will turn out.  Make that VERY cautiously optimistic.  CW started out well enough, so that's why I have this hesitancy with FI - I don't want to be that disappointed again. 

I think the direction that this series will go will largely depend upon who is selected as "worthy" for all those magic hammers that have dropped out of the sky. 

So for now, I'll reserve judgment until we find out this stuff.  Stay tuned, folks, and be prepared to hold your nose in case this turns into another stinker!  LOL

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