Friday, April 29, 2011

Q&A: Am I a god?

I decided to answer the following question, because it's been asked more than once, and that question is: Am I a god?

No, this isn't in reference to that old Ghostbusters movie scene in which the answer is supposed to be "YES!"  (that scene was hilarious, by the way.  I love that movie).  Rather, it's in reference to my status as a superhuman.

The thing is, in my "universe", it's theorized that the "gods" of ancient myth were actually superhumans, and possibly the same group of superhumans who went traveling about the world, because there are a lot of commonalities in the creation myths of many ancient human societies all over the world.  However, that has never been proven to be the case.

The current going theory of superhumans is that we are an offshoot of humanity rather than the next step up in the human evolutionary ladder. This is theorized because we have very low numbers and our reproduction rates are very low.  It's so low in fact, that if it weren't for our special abilities, we probably would have died off a long time ago.  In a sense, our powers are artificially preserving our existence on the evolutionary march of history when most offshoots would have ceased to exist due to their very low birth rates.

Thus, this makes us different from "metahumans" (also known as "mystery men") of the DC Comics universe and "mutants" of the Marvel Comics universe in that while superhumans seem to be a large and growing part of their respective universes, in my universe, we are regarded as an evolutionary dead end  (this theory is not universally accepted, of course).  So being an evolutionary dead end is rather different than being a god, wouldn't you say?

The issue of our status on the evolutionary ladder is still being debated, and things could change if there is an uptick of the superhuman population.  It could also be that our numbers are so low because there might be some out there who don't know that they have a superhuman ability.  A superpower is not always as obvious as super strength would be.  Perhaps in the coming years when superhuman physiology is better understood, then we'll have a better idea of our evolutionary status.   But I doubt we'll be raised to the status of gods again.  :-)

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