Friday, February 17, 2012

More DC Comics reboot talk

Before I go on my 40-day sabbatical, I'll need to do some comics talk!  So here we go!

Mostly, this is going to be about DC Comics' ongoing "reboot".  One thing that hasn't changed pre- and post-boot is that being a Green Lantern is the most thankless job in the universe.  Sure, you get a cool power ring that you can do cool stuff with, but the price you pay for having one is so not worth it!  Every GL - every one of them! - is guaranteed an eventual gruesome and hideous death.  There are probably literally thousands of people and races in the universe that have a special hatred for the GL Corps, and will subject any unfortunate GL they come across to the most barbaric form of death that they can imagine.  So if you ever have a green ring float up to you, at least be honored that you are considered worthy of a GL ring, but turns it's offer DOWN.  NOT because you are afraid, but because you aren't STUPID!

As for the other titles, I'm still reserving judgment.  I like some of the changes, but I am still not sure if this franchise-wide reboot was a particularly good idea.  As mentioned previously, Batgirl is currently holding my interest because of the introduction of Barbara Gordon's mother, who to my knowledge has never appeared anywhere during Batgirl's run in DC Comics history.  I still disagree with her sudden recovery from her paralysis from the waist down as a result of this reboot.  To me, if you're going to reboot a character like Batgirl, then start over and go from there.

I think a good test of how the reboot is going will be in May when Earth 2 is introduced, so I'm going to hold on reserving my judgement until I see how Earth 2 is presented, how they're going to run with it, and if they'll have any interactions with "Earth 1" (if that's what they end up calling the rebooted DC Comics universe.

I do want to make one mention of a villain in Marvel Comics, and she is Zero/One, one of the Red Hulk's villains.  She's creepy in a cold, analytical and inhumane way.  Perfect, in other words, for a villain!  In fact, on the Marvel side, I've been buying all the Hulk titles (except those with Skarr.  He doesn't interest me that much).  I wish Marvel would try at least a limited series of Red She Hulk and explore her personality a bit.

While I'm away from my blog and FB, I'll still be buying comics.  LOL  So when I get back, I'll comment on anything that came up while I was away. 

Have a great weekend, all!

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