Thursday, February 2, 2012

Before you go psycho/berserker on Susan G Komen...

Okay, in what was supposed to be the final obstacle removed for me to go with my GFs in the annual Susan G Komen's walk for breast cancer research - that is, SGK finally stopped sending grants to Planned Parenthood (FYI: PP performs abortions, which goes against my prolife beliefs, in case you didn't already know all this) - than they decide that they are going to protest SGK's decision and NOT go on that walk for breast cancer research!  Dammit, we just can't get together for this!

But no, I want to make this happen, and I'm hoping to be able to persuade them - and all of you - that SGK made the right decision.  First, you've all no doubt heard why SGK decided to cut funding to PP:  Because of the various questions that have been raised - enough that it's being investigated by the government.  But what ARE those questions?  Yeah, you haven't heard about those, and you're not going to hear them from a largely compliant liberal media!

So my mission to you is to look up why PP is being investigated.  Yes, I could do that for you, but you'll no likely doubt that I'm being fair and biased in my research, so go Google it on your own and find out!   Later on, I'll post what I came up with and we can compare notes. 

However, I WILL post a couple of things to help you get started.

 The title of this article should tell you what it's about.  :-)
Why the hell should liberals care that Susan G Komen cut off funding to Planned Parenthood...

And this article is an example of the kind of hatchet job that the liberal media does to those who "betray the cause":
Susan G. Komen’s funding cut to Planned Parenthood only latest in string of controversies

So friends, let's do this walk together to discover the sins of PP, and perhaps we can finally walk together for SGK's annual walk for breast cancer research.  

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