Friday, August 17, 2012

I found the dress to wear to the museum!

This is going out to two groups of people.  One, this is going out to the ladies to help me accessorize this dress.  And two, this is for the artist who will eventually draw me wearing this dress while I am around and about in an art museum. 

I love this dress because it's so retro, and yet it can be dressed up to be a kind of nerdy chic - the very look that I want for my art museum artwork.  And this is where I would like my lady friends to help me out.  So what to wear with this, to give this a nerdy chic look?

No high heels, for sure.  At 6 foot 1, I'm tall enough as it is, and plus, high heels aren't good for walking around a museum for 2+ hours.  So flats of some sort.

Certainly boho jewelry.  Also, a small purse - nothing big or clunky, but something to go with the nerd chic look.  Ah, the possibilities are making me drool.  >.<

I'll keep working on this, and then I'll find an artist to do this.  A proactive thanks to any of the ladies who help me out!


Anonymous said...

Too tall for heels? Never. I worked with a lady who stood 6' even. She added 4"-5" heels as a matter of course. The woman mad an entrance when she walked into a room, let me tell you! =)

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Anon, while I certainly can wear high heels, I prefer to not wear them. They're hard on my feet; especially for strolling around in a museum for 2 or more hours. Heels may look nice, but they're not practical. I won't totally discount looking for them while finding out how to accessorize this dress, but the odds are against me selecting them.

Quartet-man said...

Wow, you are only a few inches shorter than I. You could possibly model if you chose.