Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now available in California: Doctorless surgeries!

Yes my friends, the state that is at the forefront of forward-thinking medical practices, now brings you - doctorless surgeries!  Well, that's if you're getting an abortion....

That's right! The "right to choose" is so holy, so sacrosanct, so vitally important to women's rights that now her medical safety during abortions has been cast aside and compromised so that the pool of abortionists can be expanded!  Whoohoo!

Imagine that, folks.  Strangers who are not doctors can now perform surgeries on women.  These women are still exposed to all the possible dangers and complications that come with any surgery, but now they have the added assurance that a non-doctor will be there to manage it all.  Comforting, isn't it? 

Boy, this is a blast from the past, isn't it?  The dreaded back alley abortions have now moved indoors and have been given the imprimatur of the State to back them up!  Damn, if this isn't chilling you down to your bones in fear, then you just aren't paying attention!  But maybe what I'm about to say will put this into better focus.

What we have here at the state level is most likely going to be what happens everywhere else.  These doctorless abortions will most likely move on to other states, and the compromised medical safety of women everywhere will soon likely expand to the rest of the country!  It's good to see that feminists are looking out for women, isn't it?

However, if this idea catches on, be prepared for this to get even worse; especially if President Obama wins reelection and Obamacare is fully implemented.  There's no way to financially carry out fully all the aspects of Obamacare - and it's just "socialized medicine-lite".  What happens when tax revenues to fund Obamacare run out - and they WILL run out - and hospital budget directors need to find "creative" ways to cut costs?

You got it - thanks to California setting the precedent with their doctorless abortions, other forms of medical procedures will also have the doctor requirement to perform these surgeries suspended or eliminated, because it's cheaper that way!

This is not alarmist talk, my friends; this is just carrying out this line of thinking to its logical conclusions.  Welcome to the Brave New World!  We are no longer just reading about it, we are living it! 

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Quartet-man said...

I ran across your blog somehow during the Lenten season and bookmarked it. It is refreshing to see someone a bit younger than I who is Conservative, Pro-life, sees the mess our country is and not afraid to speak out. I am not into Super Heroes like I was over a decade ago (well, at least not Comics), but still enjoy TV, Movies etc.

P.S. I friended you on FB. It seems I was able to read there before, but you have it locked up tighter now. :)

P.S.S. It wans me to prove I am not a robot. I would think that THIS would be one of the last places that were anti-robots. ;)