Monday, November 9, 2009

Yoko and Boota

I was sent the images below from a female friend of mine, mainly because she knew what I would comment on *specifically*. Neither I nor her know the Manga show that the characters below are from, but their names are Yoko (the busty chick) and Boota (the little furball in her cleavage.

Now, I'm willing to impart that ol' "suspension of disbelief" to accept that a little furball could live in her cleavage without leaving poop or urine in her bra. That's just cartoons, and it's how you dudes' strange little horny minds work. But, there is a problem in the image that follows below.

Okay, you see those two images. Now check out this one:

See the problem here? Well, I'll explain it for you: Boota is not in Yoko's cleavage! Don't think so? Look again. Note that you can see the space between Yoko's boobs at the bottom of her bra. That span is where Boota should be. In other words, that bra is connected at the bottom only by that thin red strap, and does not form a pocket for Boota to be staying in. In order for Boota to be residing in her bra, there needs to be fabric spanning that cleavage to form that hamster-holding pocket.

So... just where is it that Boota is emerging from, if not Yoko's cleavage? It looks like he's emerging from her sternum, a la those Alien movies! Somehow, Boota is literally burrowing into her chest! Wouldn't that hurt, you think? Unless Yoko has some super power that allows critters to burrow into her body, but that's just creepy.

Anyway, that's my take. Sorry if I burst any of you guys' bubbles there... :-P


Anonymous said...

My bubble wasn't burst. But thanks for being considerate.


First off its Anime. And second, maybe Yoko is used to having Boota sitting inside her chest. As long as the little furry guy doesn't mess with her vital organs (heart, lungs, etc) than she should be fine.

By the way, how is the blog organization going and do you know what the next Warner Premiere film will be?

Talk to you later. Bye.


Daniel said...

Yoko and Boota are from a very silly series called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Read about it here:

Below the pictures are links to it on Youtube and Hulu. There seems to be two main reactions to it, summed up here: