Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Hello! I apologize for not having my review of Monsters vs. Aliens up this week, but my friends, I have been that busy getting ready for turkey day! However, I did want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you who read my blog and especially for those of you who respond to what I've said here, both by e-mail and in person. Whether you agreed or disagreed with what I've said, I still inspired you to respond, and that's all any writer can ask. After all, the last thing any writer wants is to be boring!

I also want to extend a "thank you" to my boss, John, who encouraged me to start this blog and who has also been my editor, my idea man, and even my drill sergeant during the time that I've written this blog, which has gone on for about 18 months now. He once told me that the two year point is where we will see how things will be going from here on in. If, after two years, I still find the desire, the motivation, and the topics to keep on blogging, then I'm doing pretty good. After two years is also when you start getting noticed by others, because by then you've developed a style to your writing that your readers will identify you with. For me, it seems to have been my conservatism.

Time will tell if my readership will eventually go "viral"; and to be honest, I don't know what I would do if I become some sort of national phenom. The odds are against it anyway, so there really isn't anything to worry about. For one, I'm conservative, and no national new source is going to give "press" or "air time" to a conservative. Hell, look how they treat Sarah Palin! And for another, I am one blog among literally millions, so I would have to be that good in order to be something that goes "viral". And anyway, I write because I like it, not because I have any plans or desires to be a "viral" sensation. If it happens, then I'll deal with it. If not, then at least I tried this idea out. Either way, I'm good. By the way, the two year mark is March 2010.

So anyway, a Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Be grateful for all your blessings, as I am for the many blessings I have, including you, my readers. May God guide you in all that you do.

Take care and see you next week!

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Anonymous said...

I have a solution for you to get your blog on the "national" and also on an "international" level.

Have your blog featured on a cable TV station (e.g. MSNBC, CNN). You will also have a better outlook if your blog is mentioned on satellite station.

As for the international level, the only way I could think of increasing readership would be "word of mouth".

A better way to do this would be creating a Flash cartoon from a well known Internet personality (e.g. Odd Todd).

An another great way to get viral would be to have either yourself or someone dress in your hero costume and talk being a Busty Superhero Chick.

I believe that would work.

Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving.

And I'll talk to you later.