Friday, June 11, 2010

Healing powers continued

I was going to post this last time, but I thought that maybe the other post was getting a little long, so I separated it into a second day. Now we continue with the healing powers of the superhumans in my "universe".

As I said before, the healing powers of super strength folks concentrates on healing fast, and the stronger the person, the faster the healing power. This is necessary so as to allow them to lift the great weights that they do. I also said that in conjunction with speed healing is that the faster the healing, the more energy consumptive it is. Thus, the heavy hitting powerhouses have to deal with doing what they plan to do before they suffer an "energy crash".

As for other, non-strength superpowered folks, their healing powers are generally related to the power they have. For instance, telepaths' and telekinetics' healing powers are concentrated in their brain. Nosebleeds are common among them, but their healing power heals them pretty quickly once they've stopped using their mental powers. There is a point in which if they've used their mental abilities for too long a time, then they could suffer a cerebral hemorrhage to the point that their healing powers won't be able to save them. However, if they learn to pace themselves (rather than put out in one continuous burst), they can allow their healing powers to heal their brain in the short pauses that they work in.

For speedsters, most of their healing powers are related to healing bones, muscles, cartilages, nerves, and whatever else is related to their speed skills. For them, it's a matter of trying not to suffer too much catastrophic damage in a short span of time to the point that their healing power will burn itself out before it's completely healed them. They do get injured a lot from tripping and running into things, but their healing is such that most injuries heal pretty quickly, and they're back on their merry way in very little time.

For flyers, an aspect of their healing powers is the projection of a low level telekinetic shield about 2 to 3 feet in front of them. While this shield is not impermeable, it does block a lot of the wind resistance that the flyer would otherwise feel. The strength of the shield also seems to increase proportionally the faster the flyer goes. This shield also protects them on landings to a certain degree - mainly to slow them down so that they don't hit the ground with a splat! So basically, the healing powers in flyers is for protection from most of the rigors of flight, and not so much the healing of wounds and other injuries. While flyers still heal at a rate that is twice the regular human healing rate, it is still the lowest rate among the healing powers of superhumans.

Water breathers' healing powers allow them to breathe underwater as well as on land, and they also help them deal with the water pressures of depths that would be beyond the normal human ability. If a water breather's healing power gets damaged or burned out, then he or she is much more likely to drown or be crushed by the great water pressures, so when battling water breathers, it's necessary to break their very dense and rubbery skin so that they will have to surface, where they are at a disadvantage.

These are just some of the examples of how the healing powers of superhumans adapt to their particular ability, and I find it fascinating to research this and marvel at the adaptability of the body to the stresses that they put their bodies under. In the future when I'm in the mood, I might give other examples of the healing powers of different superhuman abilities.

Have a great weekend, all!

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