Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Variant costume idea

I talked to the boss yesterday, and he likes the idea of me having a variant costume. Note that this is besides the previous idea of me having a more formal version for events in which I represent the Department of Superhuman Studies.

What we are talking about here is a variant of my regular everyday costume, this time with more of an emphasis on the brown of my white/brown/yellow color scheme. We both decided that we don't want simply a brown version of my current costume, but not necessarily something completely different, either.

Anyway, he said he'll work on it. If he gets something going, I'll let you all know. :-)

If this all works out like I hope, then I'll have 3 different costumes! :-D

1 comment:

Wittie Indie said...

Good idea. Maybe I could come up with a version you'll enjoy. That is if I have the time. Real life is a bitch sometimes huh?