Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upcoming character description: Lucky Shot

Okay folks, before my real life work load overwhelms me this week and prevents me from posting any more until next week, let me go ahead and give a bit of news. Coming soon will be a character description of my usual working partner, Lucky Shot. Basically, it will be a brief history of her, plus a description of her powers. One outward sign of her powers is her glowing eyes when her power is activated. As an example of how they glow, attached below is today's strip of the webcomic Wapsi Square. Lucky's eyes glow exactly like Monica's eyes are doing in this stip. It's kinda freaky.

The reason I want to tell you about Lucky is because the boss just informed me that rather than scan an old story for me to post here, he's creating a whole new story, and Lucky is in it. I also won't be able to read it until he's done, so I have to wait to see what happens, but he promises a shocker! Holy cow! I can't wait! Just understand that this won't be a full-blown finished and colored work that I'll be posting, it's just going to be one of his rough draft "story sketches", but at least you will finally see one of my stories. Still, I like reading those anyway.

I had to do a bit of persuading to get him to post even that, but I gave the argument that if others can read at least his rough drafts, they can see what kind of writer he is, and perhaps he can find an artist to do the story. Another thing I hadn't mentioned is that he also writes stories of a 1940's private eye named Benny Baloney. Yeah, you would think that the tough guy private eye genre has been done to death, but I really enjoy these stories, and he's been in the process of getting a website put up of those stories. If he gets that going, then it's definitely going to the "Cool Links" sidebar of my blog!

Anyway, I MIGHT post something Friday, but if I don't, then you'll know why. I'll try to post something, but the odds don't look good right now. Real life can be like that sometimes. :-P

If I don't see you later this week, then have a great weekend and see you next week!

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