Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarah Palin and "Boobgate" and the sad state of journalism today

I’ve done pretty good in recent weeks in not getting so heavily into politics on my blog, but friends, I just have to say something about the whole stupidity of the Internet rumor that Sarah Palin has had a boob job.

They’re calling it Boobgate! “Boobgate”? Seriously?? BOOBGATE??? What the hell, man!?

I shouldn’t be surprised, but even some mainstream press are covering this piece of bullshit! Sorry for the language, folks, but this is how moronic this whole “story” is! Look, I get that the “not-biased” media hate Palin, but why do they have to report on every stupid rumor that comes out just because it says something bad about her?

Don’t they know how petty and juvenile it makes them look? Hey, and it’s not just conservative Republican women they do this to – it’s pretty much any woman in power that they don’t like. Back in ’08 a big ado was made when Hillary Clinton had shown a little cleavage. I mean, DAMN! – the people need to get their minds out of junior high! Contrast this to the outrage from the press that arises whenever the issue of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's sexual orientation comes up (in regards to Kagan's sexual orientation, what difference does it make whether she is gay or not? Non-issue for me, but surprisingly, not for a lot of leftists!).

You know why it’s unfair it is to be reporting on “Boobgate” and Hillary’s cleavage? It’s because these reports are making it personal in a way that they wouldn’t do with the men. Instead of reporting on Palin’s politics or Hillary’s statements, they attack their fashion choices or their bodies. In other words, it’s a cheap shot, and one they wouldn’t do to the men.

For example, what if Joe Biden got a penis enlargement? Do you think the press would report on that? Can you see Katie Couric leading with, “Boy, Biden’s ‘package’ looks a little plump today, doesn’t it?” Then there would be “before” and “after” shots of the front of Biden’s pants just to show the difference! They could call it “Weinergate”! See how stupid it would be to cover something like this?

And besides, if Palin did have a boob job – SO WHAT? Isn’t it supposed to be “her body, her choice?” And where are the feminists in all this? Why aren’t they speaking out over this outrage? Oh, that’s right, it’s because Palin is a conservative!

To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr., “An injustice to one woman anywhere is an injustice to all women everywhere”. If the feminists were worthy of the bra straps of their foremothers, then they would have stopped this nonsense a long time ago, regardless of the political or social views of the woman that’s being unfairly criticized. Such hypocrisy from them demonstrates why they are out of touch with the regular woman nowadays, and it's why I can't call myself a feminist.

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